The bunker full of mobile suits

Here is my entry for the Summer War 2012 contest. Maybe. Or maybe my Gouf Custom. It’s my Zaku I sniper. Ya, it’s a simpler small model but I hope the camo pattern will make it different. I could go with the tan/putty colors but that’s to simple. Might go with either the German ambush camo scheme or some nice urban colors. Just some ideas:


Do you tend to apply these pattern on your ZakuI’s armor? Cool xD. Don’t forget to write “Sieg Zeon” on it, to modify your MS’ apparel xD

Hey, I just posted pics of my Zaku Sniper, not quite going as I planned it! I look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

I think it’d look really cool with the Swedish M90 camoflage pattern…

I would like to. Just need to practice my freehand with my airbrush. I am not use to working with such small models curvy models. Most of the time I work on larger 40k tanks. Worse comes to worse, I use do the ambush scheme with some sticky tack then put some camo netting on. But I do love urban combat and use this camo scheme from one of my 40k armies:

Looks like the Zaku Sniper club is growing. Don’t worry, I love customizing my models.

There is my Shin Matsunaga Zaku II built and being in the middle of being stripped. Because I hate painting white, I might paint my Zaku with the following colors shown in the link bellow.

Nice space camo.

This is what I did in two days of being sick with the flu while watching Gundam Zeta:

I did pass out for 13 hours on day two after working on it for a little bit. Still needs to be painted.

Dreissen semi painted. 1st pic is of the arm non-highlighted and the 2nd is highlighted (still needs some touch ups).

Arm gun deployed:

Legs painted (not highlighted):

Now for Zakrello:

Look at the mini RX-78-2:

I might do something different. A sped up video of me painting the Zakrello.

I do enjoy the older kits. With a little TLC they can turn out really nice!

They can be. I have a 1/100 scale Rick-Dias that came out pretty nice BUT I also have a Agguguy that was a pain. The heat rods are very chunky and trying to put the chest pieces was very hard. The legs kept on popping off while I was trying to glue the chest pieces together.

So much stuff to do. I have more built gundam models but they are not good enough to show off.

Might do a time lap video of me painting the Zakrello.

nice I like the Zarrello, its so rare to see those kits still in circulation of the gundam community. Btw when you got your Zaku I sniper did you not want the Yorim Kirks ver.? I picked that version up not knowing that there was actually two versions of this kit.

I actually got both kits from The Zarrello was a freebie and I didn’t know I was going to get him. What do you mean by a Yorim Kirks ver?

There’s a later release of the Zaku Sniper as it appeared in Gundam Unicorn. Slight color difference, a command horn on the head, these…nubby things…on the shoulder armor and a couple of cylinder things attach to the backpack. Otherwise, it’s the same kit.

Don’t worry, I am still alive!

This is the pattern and colors I am doing my Zaku sniper.


Time to show the detailing of my MS-06R Zaku II.

Bad photos but wanted to show that I didn’t forget about this clawed fean.


Trying something new, videos!

Re-built and filled in the seam lines in this baby.

Resurrecting an old kit, eh? A worthwhile endeavor, always. I’m curious to know how you’re going to paint the joints, if you are painting them.

I paint my Imperial Guard infantry classic Cadian colors and my armor is painted classic army tri-colors ( that’s if I get around finishing them, the down side to IG there is so many of them). For the Emperor.