The aircraft thread

Looks like the plane thread disappeared, so lets get it back running again with a good story

Theres a Ercoupe for sale near me, very tempting at only $19,000

Now to you have to ask yourself when considering on buying an airplane: what condition is it in, how many hours on the airframe and engine, when was the last overhaul, what are the maintenance costs going to be, what’s the tie-down cost going to be, and can I afford a hanger? I am not trying to dissuade you from your potential purchase, all I’m saying is it that one should be mindful of the factors involved. If you’ve already considered these factors, I say go for it.

Not to mention I have to get my license which is currently $12-$15k currently. I could swing that if I sold my classic car. Honestly I plan to take some lessons and get a ultralight and get my license over time and probably join one of the several flying clubs that are near me that way I have access to a plane but I’m only paying dues vs paying for the plane, hanger, maintenance, ect

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a mosquito. I think my biggest concern on having a helicopter over an ultralight or plane is that there is absoultely no lift if the engine goes. I have plenty of land to keep a helo than try and have space/fees to take off on a runway half a county away from me. Mosquito

I have looked at gryocopters but they are very expensive but possibly the safest of all I think

Ahh, rotocraft fans. Even though I will always be a fixed-wing guy, I still appreciate the versatility that helos bring.

On another topic, in one the most recent trailers for Top Gun: Maverick, I noticed something. In some shots, you can see Tom Cruise’s character flying around in a P-51D Mustang. Judging from the looks of it, this P-51 appears to be the one that Tom Cruise owns but never flies. Yeah, the guy owns a Mustang, has his license and requisite certifications, and never takes it out of the hanger.

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That’s kind of absurd I didn’t even know he had one. But I know the type, we used to do classic car restoration and these guys would let this totally reworked mustang or challenger, cuda, nova whatever just sit in a garage and come out twice a year (maybe). Granted the amount of money it takes to restore a classic care vs restoring a classic aircraft is moving the zero over a couple decimals but the principal is the same. Especially since Tom kind of has expendable income.