"Thanksgiving Day: Turkey & Gundams"

“Thanksgiving Day: Turkey and Gundams”. How’s that for a title? Bet you don’t forget that one soon! :slight_smile: Thanksgiving Day (2021) me and my sister went out to a restaurant to eat our turkey dinner (way better than trying to cook it ourselves!) and we got home fairly early in the afternoon (about 1ish or so), and being an absolutely beautiful day (and strangely not tired from the turkey), I wondered what to do for the rest of the day, then remembered the brand new Entry Grade Gundam kit I had bought at Target recently (see my post on that). Having heard that these kits can be built in a matter of minutes, I thought I would test that out for myself.
The answer is, “Yes, they can be built in a matter of minutes”, if you are so inclined to just whiz through one, but why would you want to? The whole idea (with me) was to take my time with a nice, simple, easy and enjoyable project, and in that regard the Entry Grade RX-78-2 Battlogue (American Type) 1/144th Gundam kit fit the bill perfectly. It is (was) indeed one of the MOST ENJOYABLE times i’ve had in a long time!
The kit was built literally STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX, with the only modeling tools I used being a hobby knife to cut the parts off with and a bit of sandpaper to smooth them out. I did not use a single drop of modeling glue anywhere: it’s not needed. I would not describe this kit using the American term “Snap Together”: it’s more like “Push and Click”, meaning you just push two parts together, they click into place and you’re done.
I did not put on the stickers (yes, they’re “stickers”, not decals) because I am ultimately going to be building/repainting this model as a Justin Hammer “Mobile Battlesuit RX Gundam” as it might have appeared in the 2nd Iron Man movie when Justin Hammer was at the Stark Expo presenting his Hammer Drones (“What if he had introduced a Gundam instead”? alternative history). It will eventually be finished with an over-all grey paint scheme and covered with the “Digi-flage” (Digital Camouflage) camo scheme being used by the U.S. military. I do like the RX Eagle sticker on the right shoulder, so I may use one of those (they give you two different color versions).
After building the model, I had a glass dome display case nearby and thought I would see if the Gundam would fit inside. It fits perfectly and adds a great professional touch to a model that was built in a single Thanksgiving Day afternoon. :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: Happy Modeling! James Staley

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