Testing on my new phone's camera

Hey guys I recently got a pixel 4aand I wanted to test the camera against my old one and see what you guys thought. I think they’re pretty close match but I just want to see what everyone else thinks.

This is from my old phone. it was the quickest thing I had the ability to take the picture up that hadn’t moved in the past few days I would match if I took a second photo.

This is from the new pixel 4A. Can you guys see a difference cause I really can’t. I guess I should mention they’re both pixels just different versions.

The only difference i noticed is one picture is closer than the other.

What modes were used? If it’s all auto, then there wouldn’t be much difference as most modern phones perform similarly. The lighting condition isn’t challenging enough to push any limits.

The first photo was a bit out of focus.

Yeah that’s the only real difference I could tell, the bottom one seemed more in focus to me but that’s not too much of a difference

Yeah it was pretty much all Auto. I tried to make sure I selected the same spot for the thing to focus on. But they’re about a week’s difference so not quite sure I hit the exact same spot.

One thing I do with my camera phone is to put the gundam near the center of the frame, but not directly in the center. If you touch the screen where the gundam is, it will focus primarily on it, and not on the surroundings. It will narrow-in, making to distance things blur out quickly. It makes the picture more interesting and adds an illusion of depth.

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