"Test Shot". My GM Sniper Prototype diorama


This is my 1/144 GM Sniper Prototype being test-fired at the Nu Edwards Testing Facility (formerly Edward AFB), California. During WW2, the British painted their prototype aircraft a brilliant gloss yellow and put a large P in a yellow circle to indicate a prototype aircraft, so this prototype suit has painted the shoulder pads the same way in memory of that custom. The camo cloth covering the gun is very simple to make. Take some tissue paper or a paper towel, paint it the colors you need and soak it in a mixture of watered-down white glue. Also apply some glue to the item to be covered (a glue stick works good here) and put your camo clothe over it. This simple little trick adds a great deal of visual appeal, is VERY convincing and will set your model apart from others that don’t have it.
The armored vehicle is a Minicraft AAVP7A1. I have a set of sharkmouth decals that I purchased on Ebay so I used a set of them to AWESOME effect! It is being used as a base security vehicle, to patrol the perimeters at night (lest some sneaky Zeon scoundrels try to sneak in), hence the black paint job. The gun turret has come off of another vehicle, hence the different colors (happens a lot in real life, guys!).
The bunker is another ebay item, while the danger sign behind it is a RR accessory. My ground is a thin layer of Sculpy clay covered by real dirt from the yard (remember, “Nothing simulates dirt like dirt”!) with a few rocks thrown in here and there, while the trees and grass are Woodland Scenics.
Finally, the letters are dry press-on transfers available from Hobby Lobby or Office Depot and are available in a variety of sizes and styles for only a few buck$.

                   James Staley

PS: Already working on my next project, the Zeon Afrika Korps (ZAK), “Retreating From El Alamein”.