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All I gotta do is decals now! :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Lookin sexy!

Yep! He’s ready for his closeup boys~ XD


We have a new acquisiton from the first half of my Christmas; Star Burning Gundam! (Technically I had asked for the God Gundam but I didn’t know there were multiple "Burning Gundam"s dthidtuh XDDD)


I built him in one day. XD

And also have some new ones today!


At some point, God Gundam was Burning Gundam in the English version of the anime. Never watched it though, but it was like that for whatever reasons.

Unsure if you wish to collect the G Gundam, and somewhat related, kits all in 1/144 scale for affordability or whatever personal reason(s), but if you like the God Gundam or Shining Gundam with more mobility and articulation, you definitely will want to consider the MG versions as they used the “action frame” as Bandai called it. Unfortunately, only about 4 Gundams from that series, which meant 4 kits, or 6 kits if you include the Hyper Modes, were released. And God Gundam in particular do not have too much detail, not too much panel lines, on its outer armor.

Do wish they release few more kits from G Gundam with action frames.

Oh, I know that. I’m saying that my father didn’t know which “Burning Gundam” to get so he got “Star Burning Gundam” as my Christmas gift. I had thought calling it by its dub name would make it easier for him but…maybe not. XD But I will keep the recommendations in mind! Do remember though, I don’t care so much about the details of the kit, I just have fun building them.


I got original Rx78 in my Xmas present. I believe there’s too many “Gundam” to let parent decide which we’re wanted. As before, my family given me a clue “Gundam”, that’s too many question mark in my mind… :joy:

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Bringing this to the new decade ujyhtgrfe–

SO not much in the way of progress, aside from putting some of Epyon’s decals on and then actually giving away my Hyper Captain to a friend who was moving away, but I do have Zaku II’s head pieced together! No pictures yet, but I just find it so funny that you can move its eye. I can do a lot with that picture-wise. XD

Also got the gundam head mug. I’m keeping extra pieces in it since it can close, at this rate I’ll need a bigger container to keep them in instead of a cup though. XD

Heh. The Gundam head mug? The one that molded like Gundam head or the one that have Gundam head painted on? Probably the former right, since the latter one is just basic mug and cannot recall if it has lid.

Yep, the actual head, I’ll get a picture of it when I can. XD

Fun! Will have to look into that later.

How much you got it for?

About $25 on Amazon, here he is~!

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Lol. That’s kinda cool.

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We have some progress! He’s not very amused though…


Finally, he has some legs to stand on!


He should be glad it is only temporary. Disembered few kits last time for clean up, which stored their heads separately with other parts, and so far, they had not seen the light of day! :laughing: :rofl:

That is fast work that you did. Good work on the decal.

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Thank you~! It was harder to get on than normal, I wasn’t building it at home so I only had my nippers with me. Normally I use the tweezers but didn’t bring them. XD

Well now, he’s looking rather fierce! …And somewhat annoyed, probably because his arms became such trial and error and I haven’t finished his weapons/decals. Such an impatient Zaku!


all in all very nicely done

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