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I have a few of the haro and petitguy kits. They are easy, cheap kits that allow you to practice your building skills. I’m a big fan of them.

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So, I’m looking at information pertaining to how to detail kits…What do you all think of the mechanical pencil method? I might use the spare Shining Gundam kit I have (as I was a foolish newbie and lost a few parts of the original one), to test it before I try anything on the completed one. Getting the gundam markers wouldn’t be a big deal, but I want to see if the simpler option is any good since I have two kits on the way.

This might help. This is one method you can use.

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Ohhhhhh, that really was interesting! I hadn’t even thought of that, and it might actually work better for me to some degree; I’m not the best with tools. I might give it a shot, I think I have some pastels laying around here somewhere.

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Do you plan to use the gundam marker or any marker to draw the lines?

That’s what I was planning on, yes. I’ve heard mechanical pencil works for that too though, so I thought I’d ask since I’m still extremely new to all this.

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I recommend you to get Gundam Marker is the best pen for HG and MG lining. But I prefer using local marker for SD kit. If you have seen the example is in my SD Rx78 Gundam display.


New kit, some helpful additional tools, this is gonna be a good weekend~! …Captain you keep photobombing my pictures.

Anyway, the Heavy Weapon Captain Gundam won’t be here until at least mid-November so MK-II shall be the next kit!


And the body is complete. Oddly enough, the thing that took longest was actually the two little decals. :'D Gonna call it a day so I can see if I can find a find-tip pen locally tomorrow.


…I feel like this isn’t right, I don’t think I got the right sort of pen for panel lining but it was the closest I could find. I’ll just have to buy the Gindam markers, good thing I tested it on a piece from the spare Shining Gundam. XD

What pen did you buy?

Just a cheap writing pen to see if that would work, you can see the top end of it in the photo. Just ordered a set of proper Gundam Markers instead, they’ll be here in late November. :b

Writing pen? As in a ball point pen?

If it is, it’s a very fine-pointed one. But yeah, I figured it wouldn’t do, buuuut at least I have a use for it elsewhere and won’t need to buy more for awhile after the proper ones get here. Might be good for certain weathering details but that’s probably it. Sooooo I guess I’ll just keep building MK-II until they get here, and I can get the panel lining on both done later.

Next time try a pigma micron pen. I believe 005 is the smallest pen they make.

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I highly recommend purchasing a pen with .003 size tip as well. There are a lot of very fine detail lines that will ruin a .005 liner.

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I see, you can fix the mistake that you already drew the line… Just use a sharp hobby knife and curve it softly and carefully to erase it…

Don’t even have to do that, she could probably wipe it off with a piece of tissue/toilet paper wetted with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Oh… Just in case “if” it’s a gundam color marker or a hobby paint.

Not worried about that bit, that was a spare piece. o3o But I do think I’ll hold off on the detailing work until a later date, given I’m new to all modelling in general and especially gunpla.