TempestWitch's Art Gallery

Because I do a lot more artwork than just building gunpla and photographing them, as well as being for more series than just gundam. o3o More organized versions of these are on my dA, but note that some of them have a different signature than my current name from having to move around accounts and all that fun stuff.

Have some self drawings for now! One was for a class project, so it was a little rushed.

And my sad sad attempt at trying to draw Tallgeese Knight of the Tempest. I’ve never drawn anything remotely like mecha so it was a challenge pfffff. I’ll keep working at getting better tho!

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Have some Yu-Gi-Oh!'s. o3o

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Your work looks pretty good. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much! I have a few new additions, mostly character references and TF2 stuff. o3o

I also got back into streaming on my Twitch channel, and all streams will be archived on my Youtube!