Tamiya spray paint

Does anyone use tamiya spray paint? I just used some white spray paint and it came out thick.

Tamiya spray paint is very nice. I go in quick, light sprays over the model. It can come out thick though, so don’t do a long, continuous spray over the piece. The paint levels itself, so it fixes any minor mistakes that an unskilled painter like me makes, haha.

I used TS-4 German Grey on my Kampfer. And it turned out great.

Thanks guys. I tried shaking it longer and putting the can in hot water which helps. There are some flaky on it from either trying to airbrush or dust, could I maybe lighty sand it with fine fine gran sandpaper then wipe it off?

You can. I’ve done it before, but it takes presicion and a lot of patience. I would use 3000 grit, but 2000 should be fine.

I had good luck with their primer… however i have been rattle canning stuff since i was like 12… Best way is about as described above quick light coats,I sprayed from roughly 8-12 inches away and got a perfect smooth finish on every part. The Tamiya spray cans are awesome to say the least