Take a look, give a rookie a hand

Greetings, I’ve built a few RG models (The ones I like), now I’m picking the rest up in order so naturally now I’m doing Bandai RG#1 which is RX-78-2 and it seems to be faulty in design, I’m having a hard time believing this since all the others have been flawless.

It’s an ankle part that is supposed to fit into 2 pegs in to two slots, BUT BOTH SIDES HAVE PEGS!!. Is it me?!

As you can see, the E1(15) panel Is supposed to fit into the ankle frame.

If need more pics or info, let me know.


So there is no spots on the grey piece?

The E1 (upper right) is supposed to attatch to the back of the ankle frame, but they both have pegs.

It looks like the ankle is supposed to have slots and the panel have pegs, but they both have pegs.

Okay the square piece on the ankle with the pegs you are supposed to remove to fit the ankle armor on.

Not familiar with the model but dalong.net has this picture

Edit* Yep, remove this piece, Shown in step 01-01


Thanks a million for the swift reply, I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.