Tabletop UC!11!1

Anybody be interested in running a game? I’ve got a homebrew that utilizes some parts of the Mekton Zeta program. Any advice from anyone would be welcome.

This would be so cool! If you get enough people I’m down for sure!

For Gundam tabletop RPG stuf, I’ve definitely had the best luck with Battle Century G, which is inspired by Super Robot Wars and is meant to be very fast moving, straightforward, and easy to refluff for any mecha setting without having to homebrew. And there’s even an SRD you can find so you can look at or play the game for free to try it out. I’ve been in One Year War set campaign (that was very 08th MS Team-esque) in the system before and it went rather smoothly, the same with a non-Gundam but very much Zeta inspired original campaign. Basically I’ve played Gundam in it twice and it’s worked great.

I’d actually be happy to GM a Universal Century Gundam campaign in Battle Century G (or maybe Fate Core with a little homebrew) if any of you are interested. You can PM me. Or contact me on Discord if ya’ll would like to do a voiced game. I’m Bad Wrong Fun #0889 on there. And maybe we could do a game via voice chat and something like Roll20 or Tabletop Sim.

You can find the SRD for Battle Century G here.

Or if you’d want something on this forum, I’d say the way to go would be a rather minimalist system like say, Simple D6 just to keep things running smoothly in this slower format and because how the game treats HP and armor would be easy to apply to mecha.

I’d recommend using tabletop simulator. I played with friends a year ago. Careful how you go about this because I’m not sure if the D&D people are cool with it.