SuperNova HeavyArms Gundam Igel Unit painted build

A few months back when the Bandai Heavyarms Gundam with Igel Unit came out I said to myself “the I igel unit would look really good in the supernova heavyarms”. And that pretty much decided it for me. I was
Going to turn the supernova Heavyarms custom into the Standard EW EW Heavyarms with the Igel Unit. Surprisingly the kits are very compatible. Barely any modification was needed at atllZ In order to fit the rocket launchers on the shoulders I had to use the bandai version’s shoulder spikes, and I had mod one for the bandai version’s booster pack brackets to fit on the supernova back pack. And that was pretty much it. 3 months later it’s finished! Ended up being a lot more work than I thought it would be but it came out great! Enjoy the pics!


Looks great!

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Thank you!

Awesome job, very well done.