Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Otherwise known as Robotech: The Macross Saga.

Anyone familiar with it?
It just might be the sister to Gundam. Or distant cousin. They both pioneerd real robots.

I’m familiar with it. Used to watch it when I was a kid and I’ve recently watched the succeeding Macross series that came after. After watching both Robotech and the original one, I prefer the original, haha. I love how this series handles large scale battles.

They pay a lot of attention to the battles.
I somehow love SDF better than the newer series, but I find Macross Frontier to be nice.
How was Robotech much different? I was introduced to Macross through means of games, I never gave Robotech a shot.

They pay a lot of attention to the battles.
I somehow love SDF better than the newer series, but I find Macross Frontier to be nice.
How was Robotech much different? I was introduced to Macross through means of games, I never gave Robotech a shot.

Robotech was like a syndicated version of Macross series. Dialogue, names, and events were edited. 3 different unrelated series were edited and combined together to be the Robotech. I lost interest on it because it was unoriginal.

This man got it right :slight_smile: Robotech was the product of Harmony Gold getting their hands on the Macross license and they didn’t do a good job. Even die-hard Macross fans (mainly those who buy the super-expensive and sometimes ultra-rare 1/60 toys) despise Robotech. I read up on the timelines of both Macross and Robotech some time ago. Ugh, I’m sorry, Robotech’s timeline doesn’t make much sense at all. I guess it doesn’t help that it disregards the newer stuff like Frontier.

A similar thing happened to Voltron/Beast King GoLion.

An article I found from 2009 comparing Robotech to Macross, with Robotech in favour. It has some pretty biased comments about Macross…

Hahaha, I read through it and got a good laugh. The writer obviously wasn’t being objective about it and nearly every point (if not all of the points depending on your mileage) was a minor advantage in favor of Robotech. His point about the names is a cheap shot. We all know the Japanese have a habit of making up funny names for their anime characters; it just comes with the territory so to speak.

The point about inspiring less awful video games is another cheap shot. Of course they’re not going to good games. It’s a rare thing back then to have a good game based on an anime series, plus he discounted the fact that good Macross games were incredibly good (such as Macross Ultimate Frontier for the PSP), better than Robotech games even. I played Robotech: Battlecry and I wasn’t too thrilled with the rather simple gameplay (loved the production values though). I won’t even say anything about his point on awful sequels except this: Macross remains faithful to the original source and the sequels make sense.

I will concede to his point about the theme music, though. I really love the opening theme for Robotech :slight_smile:

He’s just trolling.

Haha, I just realized that now. Man, my trolling detector needs some work.

I’ve managed to find some respect for Robotech. They merged 3 different shows together (unrelated), that’s really something special. I can’t imagine all the editing it must have taken for the time. Kudos to them.

At some point, I enjoyed Robotech as I have seen it first before Macross. However, after finding out that it was not an original work, I lost interest in it.

Why can’t Harmony Gold just create their own and not use existing materials?

Can Robotech be considered as bootleg?

It should be considered bootleg. It’s exactly like Space Black Knight, taking apart official products. Though SBK actually used their own work.
Except, ADV Films released an official box set -somewhat facepalm-.
It would have been nice if they just jumped to the direct dub they where supposed to do. Speaking of that, has anyone seen the dub of Macross? It’s supposedly finished.

Hmmm, I think it should not be considered a bootleg only because Harmony Gold does have the license for Macross. Makes me wonder what exactly they had in mind when they acquired it, creating something completely different from the source in the end.

I’ve only seen the dub of the Macross movie, but I don’t remember it all too well (it’s been a while since I watched it). I should read up more on that dub for the series. First time I’m hearing about it, haha.

Ive seen the Dub of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and I have to say its WAAAAAAAYYYYY better than Robotech :stuck_out_tongue:

it came out in 1982 before it was dubbed in 84 as robotech, one of my favs as a kid, it was worth getting up at 4am every morning to watch it on Sci Fi Channel

Huge Macross fan… and I even like Robotech, for what it is. For a small kid in rural New England, Robotech and Force Five was the greatest. Had it not been for those Harmony Gold stuff, I would have never discovered Gundam. Now that I am older I have discovered the Actual Macross and Mospeada(robotech the next generation) Still have some of my original Valkeries and Alpha fighters from the eighties even. I have the box set of both ‘Robotech: The Legacy’ and Macross. I also have a couple of dubbed Macross movies. Lately, I have been trying to find the original Mospeada series to see just how different it is from the Robotech rewrite.

I didn’t get into Gundam til 1999 when Wing first aired on Toonami, back then I saw the gundam movie trilogy on VHS which I later got in 2002, I was pissed that the dvd had omitted the english dub track

I got into Macross in 2009 by chance when my brother happened to tell me about it.
In truth, I learned about it back when we got one of those Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clone bootlegs, and Macross was one of the games.
Didn’t learn of the anime until 2009 though. Amazing anime. Kind of hated how they wasted a bit of the ending with that guy that kills his comrades. I forgot his name now. The earth got wiped out episodes back, and the rest of it is the aftermath of recovering the earth, with the final 2 episodes I believe being a final attack on the Macross.

Btw, what happened to Lynn Minmay, it was her fault. That girl could never make up her mind.

I was watching Robotech when it first came out in 1984, I guess she was alone after the first Saga since Rick was in a relationship with Lisa Hayes