Sub or dub

Do you guys usually prefer the original Japanese with subtitles or do you lean more towards the english dubbed versions of the anime?

Honestly, it all depends on the Anime. Case in point, Hellsing Ultimate sounds a whole lot better Dubbed than in original Japanese. Others are more suitable Subbed. I have yet to find one that is more sutible Subbed but when I do ill get back to you. Personally, Subbed, Dubbed, Don’t care, as long as its enjoyable Ill watch it. I love em all.

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It depends. Some voice casts are better English, but usually I prefer Subs.

As long as names do not change and scenes are not cut I am a dub guy for the win.

I used to be a strictly sub-titled anime fan in my younger days, but now that I’m older I prefer dubs because its easier to watch. Also modern animes have come a LONG way from the old ones so the dubs are a much better quality

Dub mostly as I prefer having it in my native language. Horrible Dub>God Like Sub even for me.

Either one for me. I tend to try out both subs and dubs if they’re available and decide from there. For example, I prefer the sub for the 00 movie after watching it both ways because the dubs don’t give me the same feel.

I depends for me. Most of the time, I tend to watch dubs for the sake of simplicity. there are times that I’ll watch subs, but they are rare.

I clearly prefer dubs for I’m tired of incorrect grammar which is often a problem of subs

Depends. If I have seen something subbed before the dub, and the dub is bad, I won’t be able to watch it. Period. I also hate how some dubs have been modified from the original material, and it makes things not fit very well. Yes there is some japanese jokes people might not get at first, but after a few series, you end up starting to get them, so having them replaced with American slap stick is annoying. That said there is plenty of Dubs I enjoy, though I hate most Funimation dubs since the voices usually remain unchanged no matter the show. That and the language divide can mess things up a bit too since some people use different translations for things to make things funnier, but they lose the initial context. My example for this is A Certain Magical Index, the character Misaka Mikoto’s nickname in japanese is Biri Biri. Biri Biri is the sound of electricity in japanese, so roughly like saying Zap Zap. It’s a bit demeaning, and can be insulting, but it has a cute ring to it, unlike the english translations, which range from Shocker to Bug Zapper. After having watched some where in the neighborhood of 650 series, movies, and ovas, for me it’s a mixture of quality of acting, and retention of content that makes or breaks a dub.

Normally a Dub person myself. For me it comes down to the fact that I’d rather listen to a show rather than having to spend 90% of it reading instead of actually watching it.

Either or works for me. I used to watch regular TV with the close captions on for fun, sped up my reading ability and comprehension. I generally prefer a dub if only because I can watch it without my glasses. Need 'em to watch subs, words get blurry unless I’m a foot away from the screen. Anything I’ve watched subbed I’ve watched dubbed and I’ve watched most shows in their sub form first.

I like english dub. Cuz to me if its subbed you kinda are always trying to figure it out and match the sub titles with the action. To me i get a better overall picture of whats going on becuase its in english . And i dont have to focus so much on the subtitles

Generally I like subs if they are translated well and make sense just because I like hearing the original voice actors. If the dubs are done really well I don’t mind them. Sometimes the English dub voices are annoying to me. I have enjoyed the English dubs of Cowboy Bebop, Keroro Gunso, Big O, Macross and Gundam Unicorn to name a few. I have seen fan subs that are awful. The online sub version of Gundam ZZ i watched was really spotty. Some of the episodes subs made little to no sense. I’m not sure if a dubbed version of zz exists.

I really don’t care that much as long as I can watch.

For Gundam, I prefer dubs, because the characters in a lot of Gundam series are not native Japanese, so it sounds more natural.
Char’s english VA sounds amazing in 0079 and CCA. In fact, I felt that the dubs for all the UC where outstanding.

Wing and G where kind of average though. I hated how they reused star VAs on minor characters.
Sometimes I just heard Duo or Trowa’s voices on grunts and it kind of upset me.

In G, they gave a lot of voices cartoonish likenesses.
In the first episode, when Domon fights Michelo Cheriot, he’s like “Why is this happeniiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” in a rather cartoony voice, yet if you switch the audio track to the Japanese dub, it’s more realistic and understandable. Futhermore, G cut out a lot of dialogue that would seem violent or offensive.

I’d like to see the original Japanese versions. The likenesses for Amuro and Char have become cultural icons, especially Toru Furuya’s voice as Amuro, something even Brad Swaile can’t say he’s known for.

Simply put, the Japanese versions are the originals. Don’t ever put these aside for translated dubs, as good as they are.

It’s like watching a James Bond film in a foreign language. It will never have the kick as the original english version.

Strictly sub for the reason that I enjoy learning the language.