Strangest places or times bits of plastic have made an appearance.

As the title suggests, this thread is dedicated to the funny and odd ways our hobby is always with us. You know when you’ve been working on a kit for a while, those little plastic nubs the at you trim off go everywhere! Bits of plastic cover your work area, they get on the instructions, they get on the floor under, and fly off into a portal to nowhere. But sometimes that portal leads to other places in your life…

I’d like us all to share those other places.

-I’ve had an interview ruined because I had salmon pink bits of plastic in my otherwise neatly trimmed beard (Thank you, Char).
-A bit of salmon pink runner showed up in my bathroom and I never bring Gunpla into the bathroom. (Thank you again, Char)
-When I was talking to a friend of mine and she pointed out I had something in my teeth… it was a bit of plastic nub.
-Every once and a while my fiance and I will find some plastic seasoning in our dinner…

So how about you guys?

I must admit. Never had anything that extreme happen. But I have had a few bits hit my son in the head while I was building my MG Strike Freedom. And I caught the little guy chewing on a runner that I had thought to of thrown away.

Just a random funny moment (kinda)… As I was preparing for an upcoming airsoft game, I laid one of my guns on my bed and for whatever reason, one round went off randomly. Right in to the head of my Norris Packard Gouf. The funny thing was, it scalped the head but it didn’t break the pegs. The BB came in at just the right angle to lift the top of the head clear out of the holes and didn’t break it. I couldn’t believe it. On the other side of the spectrum, it also broke the glass shielding the eye. No bueno on that.

I made my Aile Strike Gundam on my bed so the later that night I went to sleep and woke up with a couple of little plastic pieces in my sheets. (Awkward)

My fiance use to build kit on our bed… ON MY SIDE! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, not comfy at all…

In my pants. Literally. I’ll be building for hours. Go to change clothes, and BOOM! A whole lot of tiny pieces fall out of my pants

I almost chocked when a Peg of zee Zulu Was inhaled off of my ps3 Bluetooth irocically all of the Zulus construction happened in my basement two floors down. ( I assume it was a Zee Zulu piece for its rich navy blue color)

I was once working on my Gundam Mk II 2.0 and I was using the special Zeta Gundam Marker Set to paint the inside of the rockets on the backpack red. As I’m shaking the marker pen, I forgot to leave the cap on and some of that paint ended up on my white shirt. When I wore the shirt the next time it was clean, some of my friends asked if I was bleeding or if I got shot.

This… it entertains me! LOL

Mind you, I only got some on my shoulder and nowhere else. I still have the shirt too.