Storage, display, and dusting

Here’s a thought: how do you guys keep dust off your models, aside from keeping them in a display case? I’m thinking of placing some of mine on a bookshelf, but that ABS plastic attracts dust like a magnet. On a relate note: does topcoat help with dust repulsion? Or does it make the problem worse?

For the time being, most of my Gunpla are stored in their boxes. I only have a few small tabletop cases in which to display my latest model or two.

I display mine in a small bookcase. I sorely need an upgrade to a display case. The bookcase works decently in keeping dust off of the model. It’s not coated in dust as quickly as a regular shelf on a wall. Topcoat definitely makes things worse. The dust sticks to the uneven surfaces more than if it was just a smooth, shiny surface.

I got two book shelves where all of my kits and figures displayed in. And yes, they’re all pretty darn dusty. I won’t be keeping these shelves for kits/figures later in the year so I’m just letting it be. Once I get my own place, I’m investing in those IKEA Detolf shelves so that’s my solution for it. If I was going to keep the shelves, I would put some kind of easily-removable clear plastic sheet in front.

I noticed a gloss coat makes dusting them easier, while a flat coat just makes it worse.

I have a IKEA Detolf that I installed LED Strips at to light the case & a Book Shelf that I put my Boxes & some Gunpla at with 3 Spotlights to light them up.

I don’t actually have pictures right now but I swear I had posted some here before…

I’ll take a picture when I get home but for the meantime …

The way I clean mine is I typical Glass Cleaner every week the whole case. Gonna be getting another since I need to expand but it tends to stay dust free inside the display to be honest… As far as the bookshelf, just Pledge and I put the kits back. Dusting the kits off with the Magnetic Dust Remover thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I need some Detolf shelves, too. I think the kits in my backlog alone would easily fill one. :frowning:

I store my kits across 6 large bookcases and an old tv stand. I need to replace them with some proper display cases like Dalong’s one of these days.

Displaying gunpla on bookcases is areal pain, you have to clean the dust regularly especially from the top shelf. I used to keep my models inside their boxes too but I couldn’t resist displaying all of them now my shelves just look too crowded :(. I don’t have a quicker way of dusting my models yet because I sometimes have to use a Q-tip to get that dust off hard to reach places like the head.

The guys on the top have the worst time, dudes on the table not doing so good either.

I keep my gunpla on a shelf.

…long story short, they are slowly collecting dust, hahaha!!!

Alright got home and here’s my display setting at the moment.

Not bad yea?

Mine are currently sitting on a shelf. And 3 of them are on top of a movie shelf. Slowly collecting dust. Eventually I’ll take down my older kits to make room for the new ones.

Knight of Zero, I envy your massive amount of space.

It burns! IT BURNS!

Actually, that’s almost exactly the setup I want to build. I’m going to get that Detolf case, but no lights in it, as it’ll be near a floor lamp. I’ll be using some LED strips in my modded bookshelf display, though, once I get a plexiglass cover for it.

I definitely would recommend you get LEDs for the Detolf, it really makes the thing that much better.

Plus the LED’s I put have a Wireless Remote to control Color Intensity, Color, & even has transitional effects (We even go as far as using it as a wireless lamp… lol)

I wanna get a different bookshelf though since the one I have looks good but I feel that it takes much more space :expressionless:

Not a bad idea. Are those the same LED strips they sell at Ikea?

They actually are not the dioder at IKEA comes as 4 bars only.

Its regular LEDs and I bought the parts for it. Also significantly cheaper lol