Stickler Studio AMS-129 Geara Zulu

Loved the kit, very easy Intermediate Level kit. Took about two weeks off and on, and I attribute it to the canon colors being monochromatic.

Opted not to use the masking it came with except in one area to test them. Embellishments were hand painted as I couldn’t find Royal Blue enamel for a reverse wash and the surface area to do so was absurdly large.

The included manual has a lot of missing information and necessary corrections. If you have this kit and haven’t built it or will have this kit, the link below should be of some help regarding the manuals missing or inaccurate information. There’s also a general write up of the process and ways around sole of the issues with the kit.

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Looks like you went with the one from Narrative looking at the beam Naginata.

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Yeah, being somewhat a completionist, I just did up everything that came with it. I do like the beam Naginata.

I’m about to start the SS Woundwart…