StarRingChild - HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)

So, after waiting 4-ish weeks for replacement parts to arrive, I’ve finally got the Unicorn Gundam in good shape. And it’s much better than the Master Grade due to how stable it is. The only loose parts I can think of are on the back of the skirt, which is quite the accomplishment for an old turn-of-the-decade High Grade like this.
I also think it’s just much more fun to pose around and play with, and although they only include one weapon with the destroy mode (You get the beam sabre effects and Hyper-Bazooka it wielded in episode 3 of the OVA with the Unicorn mode and various Full Armour depictions), when the main weapon it comes with is the BEAM MAGNUM, a handheld weapon that uses an entire UC beam clip to generate a precise, destructive blast, I’m not complaining. Hell, you could use a beam effect from your own personal reservoir to let Banagher defend himself at Close Quarters. The amount of stable fun here is just beautiful.

That Sazabi BTW? It COULD be fixed on the spot with zero replacement parts, unlike my Unicorn. After accidentally snapping the backpack peg, I took it on myself to glue the backpack and main body together with Super glue. It looks like the pack has slumped, but only just.

Oh, and to leave out, can I gush about the box for this kit? The hellish red that encompasses the box is incredible, and a perfect counterpoint to both Unicorn mode and its enemies, the Kshatriya and Sazabi.