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So in the old forums, I had a thread dedicated to nothing but Star Wars (if we can recover that thread, we can merge it with this one). All topics about Star Wars are be welcome here, but I do ask that users that post here maintain an air of civility and politeness (no flame wars, no antagonizing others, no heavy swears, etc). Feel free to discuss about which Star Wars movie, comic, TV series, or video game you like (Legends material is welcome), and what faction and/or character you align with.

I will lead off. So my first introduction into Star Wars began in the mid to late 90s with the release of the Original Trilogy on VHS tapes. From those tapes, my favorite film would have to be A New Hope. It’s just a really great and fun adventure story. When the prequels came around, I had some mixed feelings. On the one hand, I got to see the Jedi at the peak of their power. On the other hand, there could been some improvements. From the prequels, my favorite would have to be Revenge of the Sith. Watching the fall of the great hero transform into the villain was tragic (in a good way). If you ask me which series about the Clone Wars I prefer, I will say to you that I choose the CGI series every time, The stories they tell are compelling and characters create deep bonds with each other that really resonate.


Star Wars is actually my main passion. Well above Gundam lol. Been a fan since the mid 90s when I saw them on VHS as a kid followed shortly by the special editions in theaters. I enjoy the Prequels but they’re definitely not my favorites. My favorite film is definitely Return of the Jedi. And honestly my top 3 right now are ROTJ, TFA and RO. I have an oddball list lol. The sequels have been so much fun. Especially TFA and RO. The TV shows have been great, the comics, the books. Its been a fun time to be a fan outside of the drama the fandom has plunged itself into.

Star Wars is actually what got me into toy photography too. I’ve shared Gundam stuff here, but Star Wars is my main focus. From all eras, Legends, New Canon, PT, OT, ST, you name it.

That top photo, is that Dr. Aphra?

Yes it is! Her figure just came out The Black Series 6 inch scale

I have her droids too. They have all kinds of torture and weapon accessories lol

They also made it in the smaller The Vintage Collection 3.75 scale. But her droids were a convention exclusive sadly.



So for those interested, the trailer for Season 2 of Star Wars Resistance dropped today:

Anyone else getting Battlestar Galactica vibes from this trailer? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just something interesting I’ve noticed. Besides, I’d like to see a Star Wars take on being stuck on a space station.

If it weren’t Star Wars related, I’d find the prospect of Disney releasing a trailer for a show on the same day they announce it’s cancelled hilarious.

sigh It really does feel like SW is dying these days.

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I wouldn’t say that Star Wars is dying, but it is creatively starved and lacking in direction. However, for better or worse, I’m sticking with it for now as quite a bit of the extra content (comics, books, TV shows) have been simply amazing. My favorite author from the New Canon so far is Claudia Gray and I will tell you why: she has consistently written compelling and intriguing stories. From the tale of two star-crossed dreamers in Lost Stars, to the dramatic turmoil of Leia’s political career after the Rebel Alliance in Bloodlines, to the deep bond forged between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Master and Apprentice.

Disney has a precedent for ending shows after 2 to 3 seasons. In fact it used to be a rule (that’s well documented) that they had. Very few cartoons make it past that mark. Kim Possible is one of the few. Even their Marvel stuff doesn’t go on for long.

So I wouldn’t read into this that much.

What I think is going to happen is the first half of S2 runs along side of TLJ and even catches up with TROS. Or at least past TLJ. Cue mid season break. TROS drops in Dec. Resistance comes back to finish the second half of S2 that runs along side TROS.

And by that point theres nothing left to tell. It catches us up to the ending of TROS and the story is over. So I wouldn’t call it canceled. The story is just gonna be wrapped up along side the greater film story.


Huh, those are actually some valid points. The latter point in particular since I’ve heard (and this is merely a rumor) that TROS is supposed to take place one year after TLJ.

Exactly why I think that. Theres not a whole lot of story left to tell. Kaz’s mission was to learn about The First Order. That’s done, the galaxy is full on at war now. TROS is 99.9% gonna end with peace in the galaxy and TFO destroyed. Theres not much story left to tell except for filler between TLJ and TROS. Certainly not for another two or three seasons

Alright I’ve got a question for all interested: if you could choose one of the seven classic Lightsaber forms to study (Shii Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien/Djem So, Niman, Juyo/Vapaad), which one would you pick? I myself would choose either Soresu or Shien/Djem So.

Kevin Feige is set to develop a Star Wars film.

Hmm… :thinking:


Could be good.

Hey, so is anyone here (besides me) going to be purchasing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

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Hopefully it can be fun as Force Unleashed, Force Unleashed II is a little meh. Apprentice is not really a canon character, but wonder if they will be able to get him in there for fun.

Who is the actor that played “Cal”? Pretty sure saw him in some TV or movie before, but cannot recall the title right now.

Edit: Is “Cal” the guy in the TV show Gotham that played Jeremiah whatshislastname?

I pre-ordered it. Looks fun, it’s single player (for once!), so I ordered it.

I’m actually kind of surprised that you would pick up this game considering you play as a Jedi padawan and your penchant for the Dark Side of The Force.

I highly doubt that Starkiller the Apprentice shows up. Pretty sure he’s been kicked out of canon.

The game does look fun. Looks like a cross between Dark Souls and Metroid.

As for the name of the actor playing Cal Kestis, his name is Cameron Monaghan. And yes, he was in the Gotham TV series.

Seemed like the first decent Star Wars game in ages from trailers and such. I have my love for the Dark Side, but I did play what my DM called the “ideal” Jedi Sentinel in an old ttrpg.

I have my bias but it’s not going to get in my way of entertaining myself.