Squee's W.I.P. thread

Figured i’d post my current wip

Building a Five Star Stories K.A.N. Beta for the GE Summer War Contest.

Test fitting some pieces

Some parts primed but there are some places that need to be fixed some more, like a rough edge or an edge that needs puttying so that its all even

I’m focusing more on my RG MK II but after i finish painting tomorrow, im stuck waiting on decals, so hopefully i’ll start on this guy again.

This is just really an update on what i plan to do. :plotting: I can’t paint my RG right now as its late at night and don’t want to bother anyone with noise. So i started lightly working on this again.

While fixing parts, puttying, sanding, the usual, i notice alot of the little rivet details are kind of bland and need to be rescribed. So i figure why bother, so i’m gonna drill them out and replace the more noticable ones with new ball bearings.


On the part for the back of the neck, the wires are kind of bland so i might replace them with some copper snake wire and other types of wire to add some extra sharpness to them.

Neck Cables

Then on the chest, there are these two cable like things that go under the wider parts. One of them is much shorter than required, so while going through my metal parts collection i figured i’d use some ammo feed belt i got from mechaskunk before he closed his store.


Original parts

Feed belt

Replaced parts

Oh yea and im debating using these magnets for most of the armor pieces so they can come off, but they are pretty weak. :confused: Plus if i do my dio plans, the kit will not be able to be removed again. LOL


Thats all for now i guess. LOL /end essay.

Oh yea also here are some miscellaneous Other metal option parts i might use

It looks really cool. What exactly is it from?

It’s from The Five Star Stories series.

Started to sharpen existing detail and replacing messed up parts.

Man, an FSS kit.

Love the details on it, and how you are making your subtle mods. Normally from what I usually see in the stores, they don’t need much modding, but this is very nice.

Yea i’m just replacing things i think can be improved. I’m not doing anything drastic to change it’s appearance. All of the metal bb’s are replacing detail that looks just like it, except the recast lost some of the sharpness.

I finished adding most of the bb’s to replace the detail and I figured I would try a test piece for what I’d paint the armor in. This is over white primer-it will get a base coat of gloss black before I spray the real paintwork-and with a bright light on it so you can see the blue/purple hint to the Alclad Gunmetal. It’s a nice change over just gloss black. I’ll end up sanding this part again anyway (still needs work) but you can see the difference. I hope lol

The middle picture is the side i didn’t spray as much.

Was talking w/ another modeler and realized maybe i should upgrade the cmil of the rods i’m using for pinning. So i went from 3/16" to 2mm rods. Much more supportive.

Much more sturdy. And another random shot of sharper detail.

Very cool looking. It’s head reminds me of Alien. Can’t wait to see it with paint.

I really like those beads, detail ups
where can I get those same kinds of beads?

It looks like it’s not long now until this guy is finished.

I buy them in bulk on ebay. Just search for whatever size ball bearing you need and you can find them in nice bulk orders for super cheap.

This is actually going back in the box til i finish the RG MK II.

I should have done this originally, as i tend to work on a kit then move onto something else to keep things interesting. If the mods want can they combine my other wip’s with this one? lol

Right now i’m working on a HGUC gouf custom that i’m entering in G.E.'s Summer War contest. I’m hoping to finish it before the end of September so i can also enter it into GBWC @ NYCC.

This will be combining aspects from 2 things i really like. Gundam (Gouf) and Gutts from Berserk

Added some detail under the ankle armor area.

Cut up the sword and used part of a sword from a Kotobukiya

Cut up the Gatling gun from the Dra C. I’m probably going to rework this. Might use the original kits barrels.

Extended the skirt armor

Built a sad little cover for around the ammo tank

Cut the torso down the middle to widen it as well as build up the new skirts with sculting putty followed by mr. surfacer 500. Lots of sanding soon.

Cut up the backpack. I’m probably going to be using some resin can thrusters i have left over to give it a nice bulky feel.

Started laying out how i’m going to be posing the kit. I’m debating lengthening the legs if only to allow more bend. I’m going to mark off the placement of the feet and angle of the right foot so i can make a little terrain base.

At first i thought of using magnets to attach it to the base, but then i realized why bother, i don’t plan on removing it alot, so instead i just used pins.

I’m pretty slow at modifying… I R Sloppy. XD Going to have alot of cleanup later on.

Put some pistons on the cannon arm. I had to cut down the elbow and build up the gun itself. I still have to cover the gap at the joint. Will be building something up.

Also i made the backpack bigger, as it wouldn’t be a sound design to have the ammo container directly under the thrusters. XD

Doing a quick snap/touchups of the Crystal MG Quan[T]

I see why people buy these, it’s really nice clear parts.