Spring Season 2014. Thoughts?

With Spring 2014 nearing somewhat of a close and the introduction of Summer 2014. What are your current thoughts of the Spring Season?

As courtesy, I always watch Episode 1 of every Anime each season thus giving every one a fair shot. It slowly dwindles down to about 8-15 or so series that stay alive through the season for me and off-course that’s all dependent on the Season.

Off-course there are some shows that last through 2 seasons due to the amount of episodes they have and let’s go ahead and count those for ease sake.

So pretty much…

[ul][li]What shows are you watching for Spring 2014?[]What would you say is the MvP Currently.[]What shows do you dislike & why?[*]Suggestion for Spring 2014 to those who don’t keep up with Anime?[/ul][/li]
I’m personally watching a handful of shows from Spring/Winter 2014, I’ll name them if they are from last season and I’ll name why I also like them.

[ul][li]Ace of Diamond (I’m a big sucker for sports Anime and I finally got my baseball fix!)[]Golden Time(My wife is Kaga Koko, she’s a older version of Kirino)[]Gundam Build Fighters (Don’t really need to explain this one)[]Ippo (I’m Filipino & I love boxing, yee Manny)[]Kill La Kill (Having subbed TTGL back on it’s release, I have a sense of nostalgia from watching KLK plus Trigger did a fuckin phenomenal job on this.)[]Kuroko Basuke (I read the Manga and am current but still gotta see it in action, plus that Alex is yummy)[]Log Horizon (I’ve read all of the SAO Books and watched both seasons and I think Log Horizon is a better version of it.)[]Yowamushi Pedal (Cycling is a sport, ya?)[]Nagi no Asakura (I didn’t like this show to begin with, and then shit goes bananas and suddenly I’m sucked into it like a whirlpool. Phenomenal story telling)[]Samurai Flamenco (This is my vote as the #1 2013/2014. I mean seriously, you think you have an idea and suddenly your just as confused as when it started. Everything seems silly in face value but the stories actually make sense and they do tie it up. I mean 2 weeks ago I legit had a tear in my eye because of how much I didn’t expect a twist, WATCH IT)[]Buddy Complex (This shit is literally Gundam Seed.)[]Wizard Barristers (It’s so stupid but I can’t put it down)[]Space Dandy (My unit watches this and we all love it, my supervisor included)[]Noragami (Much Cash, So Yato, Many Angsty Teen)[]Nisekoi (My Mistress btw, all of them.)[]ImoChou (Because I’m a piece of shit and can’t get enough of Siscon x.x[]Wake-Up! Girls (I’ve watched all Idol Animes that’ve came out recently. Idolmasters, Love Live, etc and this one TBH is the weakest one. Still watching it b/c my wife and I enjoy it lol)[/ul][/li]
Summer is looking to be decent. My wife is super excited due to the Sailor Moon reboot though.

What’re your thoughts?

I’m watching Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, its a odd ball yet funny anime. I’m really looking forward to the Tiger and Bunny movie coming out soon. Other than that I’m waiting to hear whats good and whats not when each anime finishes

What I’m watching this season:

Gundam Build Fighters-obviously :slight_smile:
Z/X Ignition-Story’s average, but I like the monster and character design, plus the OP animation (the new one, not the one recycling clips from the show) is cool.
Buddy Complex-intriguing story. Sometimes I find myself shouting “connect with dio” along with Aoba :stuck_out_tongue:
Mahou Sensou-thought a series with “war” in the title would have lots of cool fights, and some of the stuff I’ve seen here are good (Shijou Momoka is badass)
Sakura Trick-catchy OP (honestly, can’t stop singing along with it), funny series
Nobunagun-very unique OP. Action is good too, I love Nobunagun’s gatling gun weapon
Witch Craft works-funny at times, Kagari is another badass, although recently I’m getting a bit confused by the story.

Kill la Kill is actually on hold for me, but I’ve heard lots of good things about it so I can’t wait to watch it in the summer.

From that pic, I’m excited for the Sailor moon reboot (brother is a big fan, and I’m watching the first series right now), Doraemon movie (it’s my childhood anime) and Girls Und Panzer OVA (although if you’ve seen GUP, you already know how it ends… :slight_smile: )

noob question: what is the months equivalent of the seasons? for example, winter is January to March. I’m still confused because it is the first time I’m watching anime as they are released…

Build Fighters is it for me. I might check out the new sailor moon though, and of course any new Gundam anime that may get announced at the end of the week.

Man with Buddy Complex I feel that I’m not as immersed in it as I am with Gundam but I do like it, specially the Suit designs.

Sakura Trick, man I dropped that as soon as they started making-out. But I’ve heard a couple of friends still watch it for that exact reason hahaha

Nobunagun, I dropped after I saw Gandhi and Newton, does it actually pick up? I like the concept but I just can’t get over the fact that it seems kind of silly.

Definitely watch KLK though :stuck_out_tongue: & as far as Seasons go I personally don’t know… Since I grew up in the Philippines when people here say “Summer” to me it’s still flood season hahaha and I’ve been here for about 10 years. If I recall correctly Spring is about February-April or May though. Winter is Nov-Jan, etc.

I’m super excited for Season 2 of Gunpla Build Fighters :stuck_out_tongue:

Also same with you, I’ve never been a fan of Sailor Moon but I’m likely gonna be watching it alongside the wife.

I wanted to see “Wake Up girls” with such a confident title it seemed appealing. Sad to hear that it’s the weakest out of all idol shows, and I don’t even like Idol themed anime LOL Chunnibyou the second season is GREAT quality Anime, the fact that there was a sequel took me by surprise and delight.

Fo’real? Cringe(Chunib) ended S1 with remarks towards Season 2 though ya?

Ya WUG isn’t up to par w/ IdolM@ster ;__; but I still like it hahaha.

I forgot about Cringe since I am stocking it for when the season is done to Marathon with my friends and revel in cringeyness.

Gundam Build Fighters is unsurprisingly mine as well. I don’t think there’s going to be a second season, though. :frowning:

Yeah I honestly didn’t know anything about the series when I jumped in, I first heard the single by Black Raisin and I knew I had to watch the show. Im going to risk saying that it’s quite possibly one of the best shows of its genre this year

Am I then only one that has been interested in Space Dandy? Even so, I would place it second next to Gundam Build Fighters. The thing I like about Space Dandy is that has such a weirdness factor that makes it funny to watch. The blending of the Ray Gun Gothic (a style from the '30s to '40s usually associated with Buck Rogers) and Disco music is odd yet entertaining to watch. I actually plan to watch Kill la Kill sometime later as I’ve heard good things about the show.

Nobunagun-well, if you can get past Gandhi and newton, it’s actually good. Actually I’m waiting for Jose Rizal to pop up but that’s unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:
(Vidocq has the same VA as Athrun Zala by the way, you can recognize his voice)

Sakura trick-man, those kisses, one of the most intense I’ve ever seen.

In terms of Anime, Build Fighters is it for me. Everything else comes on cable TV.

I forgot about Sakura Trick, I’m was planning on checking it out. Just curious is the plot good or is it a fanservice romp?

Another vote for Build Fighters as the only anime in my list. The rest of my meager TV/watching time is taken up by ridiculous, but entertaining reality shows, Top Gear, and MMA events.

Isn’t Space Dandy a Gainax production? If so that’s probably why I skipped it. I can’t stand Gainax’s work.

IIRC there is already talk regarding a 2nd one. (I don’t see Sunrise/Bandai stopping it too early since it’s a giganto cash cow for them)

I feel it’s pretty much the only one in it’s genre at the moment seeing as the only one that could even match the “Cringe” is WataMote and Chunib has cringe and slice of life mixed.

Nope! My whole Unit at work lovee Space Dandy, we all watch it together hahaha. It’s so captivating, as simple, dumb and mundane things are in that show it really is hilarious and has my recommendation to anyone not yet watching it :stuck_out_tongue:

If they ever bring out Rizal or Bonifacio let my ass know, I’ll hop on that faster than Trans Am. I’d love for them to pull some Filipino heroes out oh my god my pride would sky rocket.

Man… Since we took out our Cable since we barely used it, I miss my shows ;__; I used to watch Sons of Anarchy religiously and same goes with HIMYM & Community… When we get Google Fiber I’ll jump on it again.

Do you like girls making out? Do you not mind no plot? If so then Sakura Trick is for you!

That newest ep in Burma was great.

Mind if I ask why? Gainax has been phenomenal specially since they made TTGL but after the majority of the producers left to make Trigger they lost the “touch” they once had. But Space Dandy is phenomenal and it’s made by Bones :stuck_out_tongue: not Gainax.

Oh in that case, I might watch it sometime. Everything Gainax touches reeks of fan fiction, which isn’t surprising given their origins.

You should watch it. It’s directed by the great Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo) and animated by Studio Bones. There is even a Gundam reference in one episode that i got laugh out of.

none yet, but a Filipino soldier did appear.