Spray booth

Does anyone have a recommendation for a spray booth that will handle acrylics and lacquers? My wife works in the same room and I don’t want to drink her or the cats out.

Sorry no but if you use lacquers then you going to need a substantial extract and filter system = ££££££££.

While a spray booth will reduce fumes by a large amount. It will not totally eliminate them. I still wear a mask while I use mine. It also depends on how large a room you’re talking about. I would say that you will still smell some fumes within 5ft of the booth so if they are further away, it might be OK especially if they are upwind from you. Here’s the updated version of the booth I’m using now (mine does not have the LEDs):

I also just received this as a replacement but I have not set it up yet.

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Thank you! I’d actually be spraying without them in there if it’s lacquer. What type of filter does it use?

This is the filter used in both unit. It’s washable/reusable so you may only need one extra to use while you wash one and wait for it to dry or just wash it at night and it’ll be ready the next day:

Dont you have to be careful of the flameable fumes when using lacquers, I thought you have to get a extract system than can deal with them?

I use pretty much Mr. Color lacquer paint exclusively and I have not had any problem so far. There have been talk that lacquer fumes can flash burn but I guess it depends on the amount. Unless you’re spraying a large amount of Lacquer thinner continuously into the booth. I don’t think it’ll be a problem since you’ll usually be spraying in short burst.

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Cheers that was probably what I had read somewhere, thanks for clearing that up.