Spare parts

Hey folks! Joined this forum for building tips/tricks/inspiration, and maybe make some friends. I currently have a problem. I decided to use my novice air brushing skills to tackle a MG Barbatos. Unfortunately, as it will inevitably happen, I lost a piece while masking individual parts. We’ve all been there, right? Crazy enough it wasn’t a small piece. It was a vital piece to the model looking complete. So, here I am. Asking if anyone has a spare MG Barbatos that they have laying around from kit bashing, or whatever it may be. I am looking for C-14. It is essentially the ankle. Does anyone have a spare? Or is there possibly a website that deals with spare parts?

Thanks for having me

Found this on ebay. Looks like plenty of places on there offering this part.


Good luck getting a replacement, and welcome to the forum, Cramer!


I never even considered looking on ebay. Crazy. Thank you much.

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No prob!
Before the big R, I was ordering replacement parts from a seller on ebay. Sadly they’ve disappeared, but still see similar sellers around.