Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2012 November 17, 2012

If your a local to Southern California or within driving distance come check our contest out. Enter kits or just come to check out the great kits. Raffle will also be held and demos. check our website for more details

I’m trying to go! Clem said i can sleep on his couch lol

If only I lived on the west coast. I wish something like this would be held around where I live.

^^ same here… sighs

I live in central cali and I wish I could be there for this event let alone I wish I had a Zaku to enter into the contest =(

YEAH!!! WEST COAST right here bitches!!! I’m interested, but where is it at?

if you look at the first post it has an image of the event and it has the date and address both on the image

Oh,… did not notice that. Fullerton, that’s not to far from where I am.

Pictures from last years event: SCGMC 2011

Alright just over a month away, so those of you in the area, or ones that can make the trip, get ready! Get your kits ready and come on down. Vendors include Robots4Less and Tatsu Hobby, we got kits for raffle including a Those Gundam Guys Custom RX78-2 that a few of us are working on.

Sweet. Looking forward to it.

Really cool! looks like I may want to buy tons of stuff. Anyone know if these vendors cash only, or would they accept major credit cards too?

Alright I am definitely attending. Does anyone know if the vendors will be accepting major credit cards or will it just be cash only?

so I believe Robot 4 Less will accept credit cards, but not to sure about tatsu, last year they were cash only.

Thanx! :slight_smile: I appreciate the heads-up, Angel.

So did any of you make it? if so, what was your impression of the show?

I saw a video of the event. If only I resided in California, I would’ve attended without hesitation. I’m quite jealous of the attendees, especially the winner of that PG Wing Zero Custom raffle.