Some things I've done in the last couple months

Just a rundown of what I’ve done recently.

Nothing super fancy, just honing skills

1/60 SH Studio Barbatos

1/60 SH Studio RX-79[G]

1/100 Virtue

1/100 Cyclops Studio Dynames R3

1/100 Alex

1/100 Physalis

1/20 IBO Figurines

1/7 Final Fantasy Cloud Strife

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Some absolutely killer work here. What you did with the figures is amazing.

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Pretty good. Too bad they made Cloud Strife’s face looking like a thug. Look just plain weird.

I sort of like the darker expression on his face. They did a good job capturing the feel of his character in FF7 Remake, IMO.

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Really? Well, have not touched console gaming in couple years and certainly did not touch on the remake, so cannot say what any of the characters looked like in the game. But still, personally think the face look a bit weird, guess too used to the original chibi looking one.

Nice work.