So which of the MG Victory Gundams is recommended?

Believe it or not, although I’ve never seen the series, the Victory Gundam and V2 Gundam are some of my favourite lead MSs in the main Gundam franchise. Both had Master Grade Ver. Kas released of them, so which one should I go with? Victory or V2?

It will depend whether you like Victory or V2 better. But MG Victory, and V-Dash for that matter, was harder to acquire than V2 before, not too sure why. Possibly due to Bandai did not reissue them regularly. There was a brief reissue sometime before, probably around 2019 or 2020, because it was available in some stores.

If you like V2 better, you might want to keep an eye out for the V2 Assault Buster, or the expansion set that turn regular V2 into Assault Buster, on P-Bandai. They did couple reissue on the U.S. site already. There was even a titanium finish version, but that one only surface on the U.S. site last year when they have the Gundam Base event as the titanium finish one is a Gundam Base exclusive.

Well, since I prefer the Victory 1, I’d probably go for that. However, I’m fully aware that it is a Unicorn situation where it’s a good kit but you have to take care and time when building.

MG V2 assault buster gundam also fix the joint issues of the MG V2 gundam.