So What's Your Opinion On Frame Arms?

I’m super curious what y’all would say about this topic.

I remember wanting to give them a shot before I got into Gundam. But then I saw the prices of them versus High Grades & thought I would just leave them alone for a while.

I love the variety of looks, armors & types they all come in. They also have so many options with the MSG stuff too & the Frame Arms Girls are somewhat intriguing.

But reviews make them sound more like a chore to assemble & care for afterwards than actual fun. And that you have to be careful not to break pieces during a build. Are they really that fragile?

What’s your Frame Arms experience like? Are they worth trying? Should they be passed on entirely? Thanks in advanced!

Haven’t built any, but I have wanted some of their kits before. Koyobotia (however you spell it) has had brittle plastic forever, and having built one of their zoids kits, I am leary of buying anything to pricey. (Or else I would have an original Huckebien Boxer, with the gundam head).

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See I was afraid of that. I didn’t know it extended to Kotobukiya’s other lines as well. Man, maybe I’ll wait until Zoids Wild stuff is on sale. :sweat_smile:

I am still curious about Frame Arms though. So hopefully they don’t turn out to be rubbish, which honestly I don’t think they will.

I pretty much have only bought the support gear cause that stuff looks super awesome, I’ve seen some good looking kits but yeah the price is mainly what kills it.

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