So I've been thinking...

I’ve talked with fellow Toonami and Gundam fans what Gundam series (ones most likely to licensed) should the new Toonami air if it can get said license. Here’s what I’ve come up:

Mobile Suit Gundam: Dated animation, and was pulled from both Cartoon Network and [adult swim] early in their broadcast; chances of success: low

Zeta Gundam: Still one the most popular Gundam series around, only it’s dated animation hinder it; chances of success: moderate

0080 War in the Pocket: Good animation, good story. Only six episodes long, so it can used as filler. Chances of Success: High

0083 Stardust Memory: Aried on [adult swim], given mixed reviews. Chances of success: moderate to high

G Gundam: Super Robot action, still popular. Chances of success: moderate to high

Gundam Wing: Most popular series in the US, banks highly on nostalgia. Chances of success: high

Gundam 08th MS Team: Short episode count, highly praised, minimal editing needed. Chances of success: high

Gundam Seed: No longer has to worry about Cartoon network editing it. Needs to catch on in a few episodes. Reputation tainted by Destiny. Chances of success: moderate.

Gundam Seed Destiny: Worst reviewed series by critics, polarizing fan-base. Chances of success: abysmal

Gundam 00: Highly reviewed and praised, already has an edit from SyFy channel who no longer seem to want it. Chances of success: moderate to high

Gundam UC: Superb animation and voice acting, highly praised, but needs to be finished and would have to broken up to fit into a 30 minute time slot. Chances of success: unknown, but could be very high

Also, I have not seen Age so that’s why I didn’t mention it; go ahead post your opinions and I would like to know if Age should be be licensed for TV in the US.

Id have to say either one of the Three OVAS (you forgot 8th MS team mate lol), CCA, OO ATT, Wing (if only for the nostalgial), G, or the OO series, particularly the last one,

Now i have a real question for ya: IF Toonami really was ambitious, which Series do you guys think they would attempt to obtain licenses to dub and broadcast Gundam Series that HAVENT been done in the States? Me? as much as it is dated as Wing, id really want to say X. it has to be one my top favorites and it would work, despite the dated animation.

I just did a quick edit an added 08th MS Team.

Two thumbs WAY up for that lol…any way moving on…ID have to say X, ZZ (it may be tacky at the start but its still a good watch to get the Full picture from Zeta to CCA), Turn A, or, and this is interesting, animate and dub Crossbone Gundam lol

and hell just for laughs dub SD Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (SD Gundam Force i may dispise, but this i do not…As i have said before, love the characters, love the story, why has this not been dubbed yet lol)

I would also have say X. A prime example of series failing in Japan and succeeding here would be Big O and Deadman Wonderland. Just because a series failed in one market doesn’t mean it will fail in another. Turn A I could see licensed but that only if they can get strong enough ratings from a previous Gundam series.

I think that Stardust Memories has a good chance and the 08th ms team and only because you don’t have to watch all the other series to understand them they tell you were you are in the timeline.
and I to would love to see After War state side hell I would take Turn A afterwards just to get it over here

Is it just me, or does EVERYONE want After War Gundam X to come stateside? :stuck_out_tongue:

They would probably put SEED in. Why?
Because even non-Gundam anime fans have at least heard of it, and would give it a chance. And chances are that they’ll like it, so.

If they do, I want Funimation to do the dub.
and Choose some GOOD voice actors for Garrod and Tiffa

I can see Garrod’s voice being Hei’s from DTB.
As for Tiffa, it’s a mystery.
But I’d much rather give the Ocean group a try with it. Garrod’s voice in Dynasty warriors Gundam 3 sucked. Not favorite.


I actually found the English voice in DWG 3 to the perfect balance of being hot-blooded, annoying, and being a large ham all while still sounding awesome. That’s just my opinion anyway.

Andrea Libman for Tiffa (just go with it)

What work has she done? I might have heard it from somewhere else.

you mean the actress who did AndrAIa (younger version) from Reboot? and also did Mileina Vashti from OO?


recalls her voice from OO

Yep shes Tiffa on the money lol

If any gundam series gets put on Toonami it will almost definitely be wing. The head of toonami has already expressed interest in playing it on the new Tooonami.

Whered you hear that?

I don’t know. The new Toonami is trying distance itself from the old Toonami by airing new stuff like Soul Eater. The most likely candidate for the new Toonami is 00 as it’s new, in widescreen, available in HD, and highly reviewed. As much as would want X to come over here, I can’t see it being aired due its dated animation (by today’s standards) unless Bandai does like a Blu-Ray remaster for ZZ.

I’d say air Wing…then if it does well, air 00, and if that does well…then they will have succeeded.