So I started to watch ZZ

Since I’m only watching 3 animes this season (started with 7) I decided to finally tackle ZZ. I’ve watched plenty of clips and what not so i generally put it off since I knew how it all played out. That said actually watching it I’m liking it more than I thought, the first 20 episodes were a bit odd but now I’m at episode 29 its getting way more serious and I like Judau allot as a character

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I liked ZZ, even the funny weird part at the beginning. I like that Judau isn’t a whiny little (insert derogatory term here) like Camille, too.

Sure, it’s a bit goofy in spots, and everyone seems to like Z more, but I hated Z. I’ve watched in in English, in Japanese and the movies, and I didn’t like it ever. So whiny and overly self-aware.

I also dislike the Z as an MS, so I’m glad to see it get a new Zaku head and for the (much cooler ZZ) to take centre stage.

Enjoy, man!

ZZ gets a lot of shit, for good reasons, but important events do occur in it. I do think Z is better though. ZZ Gundam is ugly, and somehow transforms worse. I’m glad its pretty much a dead end.