So I saw Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight AXIS

…It’s bad. Like, this is a crash course in how to ruin a perfectly good plot.
The show/novella is an adaptation of the romance Tristan & Isolde, but in the Universal Century. The Feddies send a bunch of Zeeks, alongside our main protagonist Arlette, to Axis (the asteroid from Char’s Counterattack) to retrieve a piece of Psycho-Frame from the wreckage of the Sazabi from the same film. However things get complicated when it turns out that a PMC called Birnam has activated a host of Mobile Suits, including the dreaded Gundam Tristan. The Tristan begins opening fire aaaaaand…

I don’t know what happens next. No, really! I can’t remember what happens as the plot structuring and writing is soooo bad! I saw it in the compiled home video form (Red Trace), and I STILL don’t know what happens. But I do remember enough to say that the characters are bland and one note, and the plot they inhabit is disjointed, rushed and, above all else, INCREDIBLY derivative. Making Char out to be a nice guy even though his last appearance saw him trying to ram Axis into the Earth? A secretive third faction that has developed its own MSs? A fight between a large Zeonic Mobile Armour and an MA using a Gundam as a core unit? This is all stuff that has been done before in other, better Gundam stories.

And that’s all I can say other than “The animation is pretty”. THE PLOT AND WRITING ARE SO BAD I DON’T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED. I mean… At least the plot didn’t turn out to be a High School Lesbian Romance and at least Kira Yamato didn’t survive a massive explosion and replace Shinn as the main protagonist? I mean… I’m not at all surprised I saw an episode of SEED and two of Mobile Fighter G to cleanse my pallette. This is not how you do a Gundam OVA. At least the concept was good. Grunts vs. a Gundam that’s portrayed as a force of nature. That deserves to be explored more.

I mean, if you really want to see Twilight AXIS, the home video version was unofficially uploaded to YouTube, but… Yeah, there’s good reason the western market hasn’t seen a release of it.

This is a totally new title that I have never even heard of before now.
It sounds to me like just another (cheap) attempt to capitalize on the GUNDAM name?

James Staley
Jones, Ok.
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