Skulblaka's WISP thread

So, here we are, my WISP thread. Have to add the S for Slow.
My current project is Blitz Gundam, which actually I started 3 weeks ago, but often halted quite long due to my job (got a lot of night shift).
Now about the kit, here the box shot.

My plan is to change the color of the kit from black-purple to couple of grey tone with red detailing. About the progress itself, i gotta jump to work on outer armor since I forgot to take picture while working on inner frame. Here the inner frame…

No modification on the frame, simply painted it with Gaia Star Bright Iron 50% + Silver 50%, silver and gold for detailing on piston and mechanical on the skirt.

For now, I finished priming the outer armor, but still haven’t decided which i should paint with light and dark grey.

Organizing the parts. You’ll notice some part that I didn’t primed. I just paint it again with red, so it got same tone with the primed parts.

While waiting the decision about the color tone. I decide to add some vernier, since Blitz, despite the butterfly design, only got simple vernier, so i got this… Gunpla Builder MS Vernier

This thing just available in my country about 1 month ago. You guys wouldn’t believe how slow the update of gunpla here.

That’s all for now. Next post will be about work on the vernier. Any critics, comment or even idea are very welcome.

Very nice job on that detail. It looks fabulous.

That is some pretty impressive detail you have there man. I love the detail on the back skirt framework.

Thanks a lot, guys. I was planned to add more, bit after botched attempt on painting with silver (you can see it clearly on front skirt), i lost guts to continue. It’s really hard doing hand painting using laquer paint.

Wow, pretty brave of you to handpaint details with lacquer paint. Inner frame is looking nice. That custom metallic mix gives off a nice gritty, but still shiny look.

Not brave enough though, since I refrained to continue, but thanks man.

Back to the project,

I sanded down the base of MS Vernier and stick it to the original vernier using super glue and just noticed that the super glue eats away the plastic, but I don’t mind about that. That part won’t be visible anyway.

Next, the bell. Just removing the nubs.

And here the preview of the thruster. Thanks to the ‘base stalk’, the bell can move up-and-down or sideway.

That’s all for now, gotta to catch some sleep. This night-shift is killing me.

Damn that frame is sexy. Lol.

^Agreed! Great job on that frame!