Sinanju Gold Trim

So I’ve decided on the Sinanju, but looking at the gold trim bits, I have no idea how to tackle it.

Apparently the gold foils are REALLY bad? I don’t see why, could someone maybe tell me :I?

I was going to use the water decals, but my hand isn’t all that steady :confused:

So I’ve decided that I will paint it by hand, but I’m not sure what paint to use, I was thinking of using Tamiya paints. Would “Tamiya Gold Leaf” Suit?

I’f that idea is horrible, please tell me a different idea :3 Thanks.

(I might’ve worded this wrong, but English isn’t really my first language so please do forgive me.)

The easiest way of painting the trim, is the reverse wash method. And it’s actually pretty simple.

You 1st spray the parts that contain the trim with a gold paint. The gold must be Lacquer, or Acrylic.
Once that is fully cured, spray the whole part with gloss enamel black. The black MUST be enamel.
Once dry, take a q-tip, and dampen it with lighter fluid. Rub the q-tip gently over the raised trim, the fluid will remove the black to reveal the gold underneath.

I have a more in depth walkthrough of this in my WiP thread. I’ll find it and post it below.

Edit: Here it is.

Im working on a sinanju right now. I used the reverse wash thwalker mentioned and it works great. Hand brushing tamiya paints is kind of a pain in the ass. If your going to brush the gold trim I would recommend something from vallejo’s liquid gold line. They hand brush nicely and the liquid gold looks great. I have a bottle of the rich gold and it looks identical to alclads pale gold (weird given the two names) I actually used it to touch up some areas on my sinanju. Vallejo paints brush alot better than tamiya’s!

Ps im going to check this out. Maby It will help me with my build. Thanks for posting this bro.

Thanks alot guys! Your all very helpful :D! I’ve ordered the sinanju, but I still won’t be building it for a while, this sort of stuff looks very complex, I’ve only built 2 HG kits so far (Unicorn banshee and Unicorn) which I’ve hated but the build was EXTREMELY fun. A sword impulse should be comming my way by saturday :I If I have any problems I’ll be sure to ask.

Also, Is having gundam marker REALLY necessary? I plan on buying A hobby knife and a fine pen (I already have clippers) and maybe a file, Is that enough to build a MG? I know there is little white marks after using the hobby knife, but is there a special way to prevent those scratch marks :/? Thanks.

What would you use a Gundam marker for? Touching up nub areas? If so, it’s not really needed because progressive sanding works better. That can also remove those stress marks when trimming nubs with your hobby knife. Trim the nub so it’s really close to the surface, then sand the area smooth using 600-grit sandpaper and work your way to 1000-grit or 1500-grit (I’m getting these numbers from automative sandpaper). Even for panel lining it’s not necessary since pigment lining pens can do the same job.

I agree with Dlinker. 1500 grit still leaves some rough marks on my kits. So for out of box builds I use a 8 Stage nail polish stick. Don’t laugh, shit works great. It’s got 8 different types of sand paper, and each one is more fine than the next. Work amazingly for smoothing out a sanded surface.

^ I endorse the use of nail polishing sticks. Those things work surprisingly well, especially with restoring a shine. Yes, it takes more time, but the results speak for themselves. Just be tolerant of any squeaking noises as you proceed with the different grits, haha.

Haha I use nail polishing sticks as well. I have a few files with rough grits and some of the blocks with the mutiple grits on them. 1$ at dollar tree!

I just used that Tamiya gold leaf on a Blackbeard model I completed. It’s a pretty strong looking gold color. There’s the titanium gold color with I like better, it’s a little lighter but looks neater.