So here’s an interesting game.

I’ll post a picture, and the 2nd post needs to be another picture that looks like the one before you.

So if I post my picture, post two has to post a similar picture, and post 3 has to be similar to post 2.

It cannot be some obscure way of being similar. It has to be visually similar, not by symbolism. You can post a similarity by the pose of something in the picture, or the look, or color etc.

It’s almost like picture telephone, because somewhere down the line, it is going to be something completely different.

I will edit this post and add everyone’s name. Every post you make that is legitimately similar earns you a point. You get extra points for how clever it is, or if it is gundam related. I will post too, but I won’t have a score.

GNZaku0023 - 3
Asterisk - 1
ZeonPeon - 5
Kamari13 - 2
Squeam - 3
Kenyon - 2
JohnnySokko - 9
Zelite - 6



You, sir, are awesome. :lol:

I told myself I wouldn’t post another pic so early, but I can’t give this up.

Pretty much awesome.


Horrible show I know, but hey, moving this along.

Best magic man ever.


This is more based on the one before ZP.

Must post another amazing scythed man… Must… Do it…


here you go

No clue who this is, but she’s got a scythe

Blue hair + Acguy :mrgreen:
[attachment=0:g821rxod]blue hair acguy.jpeg[/attachment:g821rxod]

I can’t give you a point for two reasons:

  1. Her hair is green, not blue
  2. She is not even remotely in the same pose or anything.

Dude her hair is teal :expressionless: But I understand.

That is a solid green dude.

Well… Damn then haha, I’ll keep searching!

Let’s keep going shall we.

Remember if it is gundam related, you get bonus points.
I however cannot get points, but I strive anyway.

Setsuna would be jealous. lol