Signature issues.

It says I can upload a .gif sig, but when I do, as you can most likely see, it isn’t moving (At least not for me)…anyone know a fix?

It says I can under the permissions section of the menu.

In case no one else knows how to fix this issue, I can let you know that adjustments are being made on the backend this weekend, including some configuration changes. You may want to check back in a couple days to see if any glitch that is hitting you now may be be corrected by these changes. They’re supposed to give you all some more freedom in things you can add.

Okay thanks I’ll try it again after this weekend, I was looking on another Vbulliten using forum, and someone else was having the same issue, and it was caused by said user being in two diffrent user groups one with permission to use .gifs in sigs as they saw on their profile, but the other grouping said user was in diddn’t allow for .gif use. Don’t know if that helps or not.

In case it doesn’t work after the adjustment, I will pass that along to try to get it corrected. Thanks for the extra info; I’m sure it will help!

No problem. :smiley: