Sigepbsd's WIP's

Hello All, Its been a long time since i have been on a Gunpla Forum. Dropping in some of my snap builds (Paint coming when it warms up), and my current WIP projects.

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FA Gundam Thunderbolt Ver Ka. What can i say about this kit besides amazing.

Gundam Thunderbolt Ver Ka


HGUC Penelope Huge HG kit. Tons of panel lines. This thing is nice but can be a bit of a brick once everything is complete.


wow, very nicely done.

Finished this guy for now. So Many Panels Lines, some not as deep as i would like. Still Looks great. It was a fun build, interesting concept, and i enjoyed the build overall. On to the next project.

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Starting my next project with much ambition.

PG Exia With the Lighting kit and the Repair parts. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to compare, contrast, and build out of 3 different manuals.

This will be well worth it and we are already off to a great start.

Thats a huge base, and i om officially excited for this build. The Repair Parts look so sexy and im almost wanting a second one to display next to it in its regular configuration.

Much Improved LED’s and channels from the Unicorn PG kits. I spent hours on that and ended up with battered fingers and much frustration.

This really comes to life with the lights on but ill save that for when im finished.

Legs are very nice, stable, and have a sleek design. I know folks have complained about the waist joint and i experienced this first hand. A little glue and problem solved.


Finished the PG Exia Repair, and this was a treat to work on. Loved the engineering and nothing too frustrating.

Arms and chest were fun and very neat how the weave the wires through.

Hands left something to be desired but they are good non the less.

The head is amazing for the Repair version

And fast forward to all armored up.

Did some light weathering.

And the finished product.


Spent a little time in the past few weeks being sick, and snapping a few kits together.

Currently working on the MG RX-79G Ground Gundam.

Going to try some weathering on this guy.

I also got a new setup for airbrushing. New Airbrush, Compressor, and Spray Booth. Also switched over to Vallejo Mecha and Model Air Paints. After having a child and less space, i didn’t feel like smoking my house out with fumes from Lacquer paints like Mr. Hobby.

I am happy with the results so far.

Finished the base coats of paint, Next is reassembly then on to decals and weathering. Posts coming soon.

MG Ground Gundam Weathered

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