Open your media player, Itunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, Ect
Put it on shuffle
Hit Play

First song is your Mecha Show’s Opening song
Second Song, use the artist as your soundtrack’s composer
Third song is your Mecha Show’s title
Fourth song, using the first two words, is your mech’s name
Fifth song is your main combat song
Sixth song is your ending song

For me it’s:
Opening: Lost by Avenged Sevenfold
Composer: War Of Ages
Title: In A Dead World by Killswitch Engage
Mech’s name: Vital Signs
Combat Song: An Ocean Between Us by As I Lay Dying
Ending: Falling Forever by Mutiny Within

Opening: Exoplanet III: Light by The Contortionist
Composer: Rammstein
Title: I don’t mean to impose, but I am the ocean by the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Mech name: Medicine Ball
Combat song: Bearing the Serpent’s lamb by Job For A Cowboy
Ending Song: The Louisiana Dive Bar Massacre by the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

I’d say it’s not bad. I’d change my mech name if I could though >~<

Opening: Take It Away-The Used
Composer: Hollywod Undead
Title: Dead Bodies Everywhere
Mech name: New Born
Combat song: A Shot in the Dark-A Day to Remember
Ending Song: Billie Jean-Michael Jackson

Liked most of mine. Wish the Mech name was Billie Jean. :smiley:

Opening song: Papagenu - Tenacious D
soundtrack’s composer: Dr. Steel
Show’s title: Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ - Journey
mech’s name: Judas Be
main combat song: Seize the Day - Demons & Wizards
ending song: Hearts on Fire - Hammerfall

Naturally, I start getting good stuff halfway through. Misleading title is misleading.

My iTunes selection is so crappy. It’s a bunch of Gundam/Final Fantasy stuff one friend gave me, plus one album each for Matchbox Twenty, Andrea Bocelli, and Foreigner. So here’s what I got:

Opening: Mission (From Char’s Counterattack OST)
Composer: Kawai Kenji
Show Name: Mambo de Chocobo
Mech: River Gundam (It was “River (Gundam…”, so I think that works)
Battle theme: Cold as Ice (Foreigner)
Ending Theme: Mind Forest (Gackt)

I’d watch it.

Opening: Tokyo -YUI
Composer: David Guetta (Ha ha…?)
Show Name: Nocturne of Shadow
Mech: Hologram
Combat: Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
Ending: If I Die Young - The Band Perry

I feel like my show is so incredibly random…

Opening: Dreamscape (Long Edit) - 009 Sound System
Composer: Experimental Sound Posthumus (aka E.S. Posthumus)
Title: Golden Egg of Faranth II
Mech’s name: Net Porn (Aka The Internet is for Porn)
Combat Song: Jordan - Buckethead
Ending: Dragon Roost Island (Dubstep Remix) - DJ Ephixa

I…I don’t know. This is the most random lineup for a show ever.

Though, I really dig Jordan as a fight theme.

Best mecha name ever. Must be from a hentai or ecchi show.

Y’all will hate mine. Mine is mostly rap

Opening- Headline - Drake
Composer- Lil Wayne (haha)
Show Title- Murder to Excellence Jay Z & Kanye
Mech’s name- W.T.P -Eminem (White Trash Party)
Main combat song- Runaway- Kanye
Ending Song- That’s all She wrote- T.I and Eminem

This is pretty good and i didnt make this up at all.

@Zeta: Actually, it’s from a muppet musical called Avenue Q.

I was referring to your mecha, not the song it was named after.

I love Avenue Q

Did no one notice my gundam is named White Trash…

So you have a GM? :smiley:

Opening: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Composer: Andrew WK

Title: Soldiers of Sorrow (Andrew WK again!)

Mech’s name: Firefly (Opening theme from Firefly TV series)

Combat Song: Master of Puppets (Metallica)

Ending: I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

supa random i must say.

[QUOTE=Zeta-G;15267]So you have a GM? :smiley:
say what now?


Standard GMs are (mostly) white colored pieces of trash.

Opening: Drain The Blood - Distillers
Composer: Diary of Dreams
Title: Cult of Personality (Living Colour)
Mech’s name: Everything Ends (Slipknot)
Combat Song: Cain - Tiamat
Ending: Are You That Somebody - Aaliyah

Went to Pandora for this…

Opening: Coming Back Down - Hollywood Undead

Composer: Brad Arnold - 3 Doors Down

Title: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Mech’s Name: Pimpin’ - Hollywood Undead

Combat Song: Remedy - Seether

Ending: I Don’t Wanna Die - Hollywood Undead

I think having a MS/Gundam named Pimpin’ is a big win, main weapon being a cane and slapping enemies…