Shooting Star

AN: Just an idea that popped into my head and I’ve decided to move on. I imagined Allelujah was around thirteen when he crashed so Lockon was around seventeen, and so on and so forth. I’m not going to waist your time with a terrible summary. Point is this is only very first part with the rest on the way. No shipping.

“Then out of the sky,
From the moon so high,
A silvery moon beam fell;
And it fell on the brine,
With its wonderful shine,
On the brine where the sea sprites dwell.”
-The Sea Sprite and The Shooting Star, Jack London

    Heaven’s Trail shown in all its glory, drawing a line in the sky as if it had been sliced with a knife. Neil Dylandy lazily gazed at it through his window. His eyes caught an abnormality; an unnaturally placed light was present, moving. At first he thought it was merely shooting star, but he soon realized its flight was lasting too long and it was coming closer. He, along with a large part of the town, watched as it streaked across the sky and crashed in the wooded area a little ways away from town; Its fire lighting up the night momentarily.

Rumors started soon. Monsters, aliens, robots, ghouls. Everything imaginable. Some even theorized it was angel falling from heaven. If only they knew. The government quickly appeared, stating it was merely a meteor crash. Nothing more, nothing less. This only caused suspicion to grow. Dare devil teenagers traversed into the forest to see what it really was, and to probably scare some of their friends. Foolish as they were, they could not have begun to imagine what they would find. A cargo space ship, scorched, but mostly intact, a door conveniently pried open. The teenagers were giddy with what they had found, until they saw what was inside. 

Old blood was splattered across many walls. From where they were at the entrance they could see a few bodies. Partially decomposed and small. Obviously, children. Even the bravest ran right then, not even bothering to investigate the rest of the ship. If they had, they would have found twelve corpses, all children, none died from natural causes, a handful nibbled on.

I already regret this.

Honestly, its not that bad. i like it.