Shiro Amada vs. Kou Uraki?

I’m just curious as to what others think on the subject. Theoretical fight between the two, both in identical copies of RX-78 GP01, either on Earth or in space.
Personally, I would go with Amada, due to his exemplary piloting skills in both environments and sheer ass-kicking ability, all done with a vastly inferior mobile suit. On top of that, he is older and more experienced, (23 years old, presumably 3-5 years with the military, as opposed to Uraki, as a wet-behind the ears 19 year old.) extremely tenacious, and significantly more resourceful. (He made the Ez-8 Gundam, by himself, from the remains of his RX-79 ground model, which had been destroyed in a previous encounter with the Apsalus Mk.I)

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On topic, my best friend and I were actually watching 0083 last weekend and started musing about how much more awesome 0083 would have been if Gato had Shiro as his rival instead of newbie Kou. Suffice it to say, I think Shiro is unquestionably the better pilot.

No doubt that Shiro is a better pilot than Uraki. He defeated a special high-mobility Zaku II… with a freakin’ Ball!

Shiro for sure kou is all dumb luck. And he beat that zaku fair and square i admit. Although Aina was a complete rookie.

It’s actually funny, i just started rewatching 0083, and i don’t get how Kou was a test pilot, who was pretty decent, but as soon as he got in the gundam he kept messing up. Hands down Shiro would win. It’s a shame too cause i love the GP03 AND the Ez8 so i’d hate to see that battle. I think the sheer advancement in tech the Stamen has would give Kou the advantage. Shiro would probably do well against him on land, but in space, i don’t know. Going by piloting skills, Shiro would probably win.

I will equate Kou’s dumb piloting intially was because that was the first time he was in a acctual battle, later he became a better pilot once he experience real fighting. That said their two different pilots also mainly because we only really see Shiro pilot on the ground and Kou in space. I think I will give this to Kou, the man knows how to fight and pull unique moves, like taking a saber through the foot or seperating the legs of of the GP-01 to get free and attack the Val-vero (spelled that wrong), when he fights he does what he has to do to win

Psyco Diver does have a point. Hmmm this might actually make an epic fight.

No. Kou was so pathetic that Gato didn’t even bother to kill him when he had the chance because the boy wasn’t a threat, even with Dendrobium’s spamming capabilities.

Oh yea i remember that now.

The intial battle between the Shoebox and Neue Ziel resulted in Gato retreating remember. Neue Ziel was a way better MA than the ShoeBox, the only advantage that it had was the ability to use the MS from it, but the NZ appeared faster all the way around and the detactable arms gave it even more attacking ability. I am not convinced of Shiros piloting ability (don’t get me wrong I like his character) but the only real impressive thing he did was take down a custom Zaku with a ball and Aina wasn’t exactly a crack pilot because I’m sure Char, Johnny Ridden, ect would have easily gotten out of that cable long before it trapped them. Instead we see Kou take on 3 Ace pilots (Kelly, Cima, and Gato) and defeat them (well Cima was pretty pathetic in the end)

Gato’s objective was making sure the colony drop hit the target; wasting time by getting into a pissing match with newbie Kou would have prevented him from completing his mission. As for your “aces”, Cima was only good for gassing civilians and damaging a ground suit not meant for space comment, and Kelly was physically incapable of using his mobile armor to the fullest. Meanwhile, Kou is using the Feddies’ latest and greatest mobile suits throughout the whole series, while being able to his gear repaired, upgraded, and replaced with better equipment.

Shiro, by contrast is stuck in a Ball and a glorified GM that gets serious damage at the slightest touch, very few supplies (look at what happens when his “Gundam” is seriously damaged: it gets “fixed” with GM parts). Yet he defeats a prototype Zaku with a Ball, plans and successfully executes a number of extremely dangerous missions, beats a Gouf flight type, fights the almighty Gouf Custom, and defeats multiple mobile armors, all while not trying to kill the enemy, unless absolutely necessary. Kou wishes he was that good.

I gotta agree with the kou part but with the Zaku R2 Aina was a complete noob. He beat the Gouf flight type fair and square i admit but Norris let himself die so he could destroy the guntank faster. If he had more time he could have kill them all then the guntank. And he proved he was a damn good pilot beating the Apsalus. That thing was a monster.

Notice I didn’t say that he beat the custom, just that he fought it and lived. :wink:

Hah lol true.

Hands down shiro is a way better pilot with more experience. Kou defineatly got better towards the end of stardust but hes no match for shiro

The more i think of it, the more i feel like Shiro just had really good luck. Almost every time he fought, it seemed like he was fighting out of desperation.

Aina was no Char, but for a twenty year old rookie, she wasn’t bad either. The fact still stands, though, that Amada is an Oldtype who completely obliterated a custom Zaku II with a Ball and some cable. Zeta-G has a valid point. However, I think Gato saw Kou’s tenacity and drive and secretly wanted to see him become a credible opponent. I agree that Kou became a strong pilot, but considering the feats he pulled off using the relatively weak suits he had, imagine what he could do with an upgraded Gundam. Even in the Ez-8, I think he would at least bring the fight to a stalemate. Also, I like the remark about “glorified GMs.” That’s essentially what the RX-79 Ground Gundams were. Upgraded GMs/pseudo-Gundams made partially from the scraps of the RX-78 project. The original RX-78-2 would have dropped all 20 of those units with little effort. When you think about it, the attacks that were flooring these units, RX-78 would have easily recovered from, if not shrugged off completely.