Ships of the Line

I figure I would jog the minds of the boards a little bit and ask another fun question.

Today I ask of you, my fellow forum followers:

What are your top 3 favorite ships of the line from any Gundam Series and (optionally) why?

Bare in mind that a “ship of the line” can be any space/sea ship that you want from a Gundam series, it doesn’t have to be the local version of the white base, it could be the local version of the Magellan class.

And for me here they are:

  1. Mother Vanguard - Gundam F91/Crossbone Gundam
    I liked the Mother Vanguard a lot based on the design, I didn’t mind the whole pirate theme but than again it wasn’t very pirate like in Gundam F91. I also like the Mother Vanguard because of its tie in to V2 Gundams wings of light, and tie ins are always nice to see. The ship went down in a blaze of glory in the end and remains to be my 3rd favorite ship of the line.

2.Nahel Argama - ZZ Gundam/Unicorn gundam
When I first started watching ZZ Gundam it was nice to see the Argama for a while, but at the same time it felt like the Argama fit more into Zeta than ZZ, and rightfully so as it was the main ship for all of Zeta. When I first heard that the crew was getting a new ship in ZZ gundam ~episode 30 or so, I was excited to see what would take the Argama’s place and the Nahel Argama did not disappoint! It was an awesome ship design that I found to be more reminiscent of the original white base design than the Argama was, plus it has that rear catapult, even though I don’t recall it ever being used in ZZ gundam. Then there is the Hyper Mega Particle Gun which is used in the later part of the series to decimate Axis’ forces. Then when the Nahel Argama appeared in Unicorn Gundam I was excited to see one of my favorite ships appear again, it was a real treat for me!

  1. Albion - Gundam 0083
    The Albion in Gundam 0083 is by far my favorite ship of the line! Its sleek design always made it a pleasure to look at, and the catapult, oh the catapult. So amazing was the retractable catapult that they put it in the opening theme! To be honest if that catapult wasn’t so awesome I wouldn’t have rated the Albion higher than the Nahel Argama but credit where credit is due, I wish the retractable catapult had been used more often in gundam series, but considering many of the later UC works were made before Gundam 0083 its no mystery why it doesn’t. I guess the standard catapult worked out better in the end,but Albion shall remain my favorite ship of the line for now, we’ll see what future gundam has instore for the ships of the line.

Archangel from SEED
Musai from UC and Salamis from UC. Their design is just extremely well done.

I’m going to come out and say Rewloola. It’s so space shippy. Seriously, it’s just so fabulous, because it’s red!

I’ll be the second to say Archangel from SEED, though according to some games, it’s not so fun inside there, the interior design, anyway.

And finally I’ll say Argama, the one from Zeta, because I have fond memories with Zeta.

#1 by far
Archangel from Gundam SEED. I love this design so much.

Albion from Gundam 0083. I like it for many of the same reasons Metalic91 does

Musai (Late Production Type) from Gundam 0083. This thing is a beast, simple as that.

I’m using my mobile meaning I’ll keep my voting short :

  1. Peacemillion. Reason : It provides an unique atmosphere and flair.

  2. Albion. Reason : The general manliness suggests how awesome this ship is.

  3. Crossbone Vanguard. There are several, convincing aspects.
    To kick things off, I fancy the idea itself; a spaceship designed and constructed for space pirates.
    Secondly, the main suits just suit the ship so well.
    Furthermore, It’s the crew. Admittedly, I like the Albion’s better than this one’s, but the crew is a welcoming, skilled and mature one.
    Last but not least; Kinkedo Nau master race. If I were ever to arrange for a crew, this person would be one of my selected ace pilots (alongside with Amuro and Gato)

Lets see here, my 3 favorites are

CBS-70 Ptolemaios - I liked this ship because its as basic as it can get, its not some super crazy ship that does a billion things, it was built to maintain and transport the gundams around, thats it. I like the concept and design.

Libra - I like this one alot too, its basically a super strong moving fortress. Its basic diamond shape allows it to defend it self easily and its main cannon is pure fun.

Ra Cailum - Not only does it have the greatest commander in the series, but the ship has proven to take a beaten and keep fighting