Ship Strength

Why is it ships in UC and CE are so weak? For example looking at the specs the Archangel should be able to kick the rest of the ships easy, it has twice the armament of a Nazca or any other Earth ships. Laurasia-class is the only one that has as much firepower but somehow Nazca is still classified as stronger? The Archangel is even better armed than Minerva yet it loses to it? As to UC until Gelgoog Zeon used projectile weapons like a 120mm machine gun, and a ship like Salamis should be able to handle quite a lot of hits from it. Considering it is 200m long a few 120mm shells should be too weak to KO it in a few shots.

I’ve allways viewed it as just the plot demands it/they hit a weak spot (Mainly in the case of UC Salamis class ships) though with some of the Aces in Loum they’d hop on the ship and shoot weak points, at least I rember reading somewhere that Char did that, and I think it may have been mentioned in MSG somewhere. (Could have been CDA even)

But yeah it’s mainly a plot point, the plot needed Archangle to be destroyed I guess, same reason the Enterprised sheilds go down like Batman against a Gun. (Anyone whose played Arkham City knows that Batman is like Wetpaper against a gun)

But it is so obvious here. I wish they did not do that. Instead of the complete destruction they could have just made it so their weapons are inoperable so that the ship has to get out of the battle. Hence the strength of the mobile suits in attacking hardpoints and disabling the ships. Otherwise it just devalues the ships and makes mobile suits a superweapon that works better than ships.

I agree, but what can you do about right?

They got better with it in 00 though the ships in that could take a pounding it seemed like to me.

That is mostly because they dont really show ship vs mobile suit. They are only acting as carriers.

Anyone noticed how Yazan completely annihilates Henken’s ship with a couple of shots?

DAMN - If space battleships where that weak in production, I’d quit and become a journalist!

There is absolutely no safety at all in becoming a crew member of a ‘grunt’ ship, if that’s the case.

Furthermore, how many crew members does a battleship house? A dozen? A hundred? Hundreds?

Well probably around 100 for salamis more for the others. Yeah if the ships were that weak they would have never been put into production. Lets consider modern surface warships. Most are armed with guns and they are usually 76 to 130 mm caliber. Lets take Kirov-class battlecruiser as one example, its main gun is two 130mm guns housed in a single turret, together their firing rate is 90 rounds per minute. And its a dual purpose gun made to engage both surface and air targets so its accuracy is quite impressive. Now considering that its only supposed to be used effectively on small surface combat ships like corvettes and small frigates it stands to reason that larger ships cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers would require at least multiple volleys to do serious damage. American main gun is a 127 mm gun with a firing rate of 20 rounds per minute. This gun is not meant to engage ships of its own class.

And while Kirov-class battlecruiser is 250 metres long, Ticonderoga-class cruiser is 173 m long. The main armament of both is cruise missiles. Am SSN-19 Shipwreck with a 760kg warhead for the Kirov and a comparably smaller RGM-84 Harpoon with a 220kg warhead. So while the Russian went with a total overkill the US cruise missile with its warhead is supposed to seriously damage and disable ships of its class. Also the russian missile was supposed to be used on american supercarriers and carry a 500kt nuclear warhead.

Basically my point is that modern ships can take quite a lot of pounding so a space combat ship a 100 years or so ahead in technology should be able to do so also.

Well from what we’ve seen in gundam, especially in the UC, its more the mobile suits that make the ship survive. In the early OYW when the federation did not have mobile suits, it was a very common thing for a zaku to get in close to a salamis or even Magellan and just nail it from the rear or below where the ships have blind spots, until the federation had mobile suits of its own to defend the ships this tactic was more or less undefeatable. As for the archangel and the Minerva I think that battle boiled down to the better captain and better crew, talia is three times the captain murue will ever be and just like in a mobile suit fight the better pilot can still win with an inferior machine. So for that battle im gonna say the archangel went down because its crew was simply not as capable as the Minerva’s

Also if we’re talking about ships that lasted a long time then im putting my money on the reinforce jr. from V Gundam, that ship performed all the way until the very end, goodbye Reinforce Jr. :sad:

The capability of the crew is also weird, its like they are rookies most of the time or seriously understaffed. actually that is what andrew waltfeld says when they set off from orb in destiny. but anyway just to make Minerva and Shin stronger they nerfed Archangel and Kira. And Athrun. Its just somehow the power level is inconsistent to all pilots.

trying to compare the strength of pilots in the SEED Destiny time will only hurt your head im afraid, so many bad calls made in production that leads to problems like what was seen in destiny.

Yeah, the whole issue is that there were really good moments like the kidnapping of the bride. Neo Roanoke/Mu la Flaga thing was a nice idea. And then there were moments where the sound of me banging my head against my table would be heard for miles.

Another issue I would like to raise is how the beam weaponry especially the one mounted on mobile suits is way too powerful. The amount of energy required to melt through several meters of steel and titanium plating is just gigantic. The output of the mobile suits is something like 1.5 to 2.5 megawatts in the first two series, and that is energy for the full operation of suit including walking, flying and other operations.

Let’s think long and hard about this one. In the UC, several battle are conducted when there are countless ships out at one time. Surely, more than one mobile suit and ship is targeting one ship, so the fact that they go down a lot is pretty easy to believe. And in CE, ships are just kinda things that the main characters blow up to make it look like they’re powerful.

Its just sad for me that two of my most favourite ships do not appear more on screen. Salamis class and Musai class. Those things are some inspired ship design.