Shin Gundam Musou for PS3 and Vita

Guys, looks like they finally announced the new Dynasty Warriors Gundam game we’ve been waiting for, and it’s for PS3 as well as Vita, and should feature well over 100 Mobile Suits.

Hopefully we get more grunts from non UC series like what we’ve been wishing for, and other Gundams too.

And I sincerely hope the realism in Mobile Suit movement is better suited to what a real suit would move like.

I’m very excited.

I just ready about it on GundamGuy. New suits in the game’s roster include the Kshatriya (not as DLC), the Banshee, the Strike Gundam, the Aegis Gundam and more. The Banshee would awesome to play as.

Edit: Here are some development photos courtesy of Famitsu website.

Edit 2: Got an update! The latest mook suit is the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior and I fixed the Aegis’s picture.




Banshee is the main reason I’ve been waiting for the Console Version of Full Boost instead of just geting Extreme Vs. Also it’s claw not Norn, so hopefully both of them make it in, with the Novel version being made a re-skin of the normal Unicorn…BANSHEE’S EVERYWHERE.

Sad part is English release is looking bleak as A. No 360 Version announced which they only made because of America B. Well Bandai pulled the plug on our Anime with Gundam so I’d assume it goes here, good part is Sony was smart enough to not have region protection on the Vita or the PS3. It does have one thing going for it, it’s a DW game, ergo Koei may release it here because they know hard core DW fans will still buy it, as well as Gundam fans, though I fear if it does make it over here it’ll be like One Piece Pirate Warriors and be digital only. (But it did get an english Disk ver in the UK so I could import from there)

Whatever, nice to see SEED is making it in as I love the Strike, and the Banshee is well, worth $60 on it’s own especially if it’s as OP as the Unicorn was.

EDIT: Take this with a grain of salt but someone on GameFAQ’s whom is transelating some info said that part of it said something about Mobile Armors being playable but he isn’t 100% sure yet. If so, that is mind blowing. Apparently paint Chiping, and dirt geting on your Mobile Suit is in. Here’s also hoping for a closer Camera Angle so it feels more to scale like Gundam should, Hack and Slash or no. (3 was an improvement here as well so lets hope)

Also seems the art style is heading in a more Realistic direction like 1 and 2, which I love, while the Cel Shading in 3 was pretty good I think that with improvement that the models in 2 would have been able to look stelar if it wasn’t for the PS2 version holding the current gen versions back. If those pics are in engine mockiups then it looks good so far.

EDIT2: Aparently offical mode is coming back, and SEED/Destiny has been confirmed to be geting one (as is Unicorn it seems) so I’d say that Providence, Justice, and Freedom are all very likely as of now, as well as a few more grunts and Gundams besides. I’d also say Impulse is realitively likely as well.

I do hope that while it seems prety Unicorn/SEED heavy right now that 00 can at least squeeze in an offcial mode, but they said over 100 and it’s only 17 to hit that mark as it stands, and while it says Over it usually means no better than 105, and with 00 geting an offical mode, you’d at least need the Season 1 Gundams, Graham’s Flag, Ali-Al Sachez and two of his suits (I guess they could squeze by with his one only if they had to) The Thrones possibly, as well as the Flag and GN-X as a grunt. It would be great even as bare bones (because that would add some awesome suits, and Ali, which would be awesome, and possibly the thrones) but I sadly don’t see it. Hopefully X gets a suit or two. (Frost Brothers and X Divider anyone?)

So far, it looks really good. I don’t think that many people care about AGE being in there, which is okay.

It would just be nice to see better official modes than what’s available in UC. It would give people reason to get it.

Yeah I don’t really care if AGE is in, the only AGE suit I could care about geting is Dark Hound, besides that no G, ZZ, and X should get additions to their rosters first, I’d say wing as well but Wing got three units in the last game. That said it might not even make it in, as 2 didn’t have 00 and 2 came out in 08 in JP I think (09 here) and 00 was done/nearly done and they omited it, so they might do the same with AGE.

I do actually like that the focus is on Unicorn and SEED, as well, I allways wanted the SEED suits in this, and it’s nice to see more non-UC grunts, I hope they keep adding more of those, also gives me hope that Luna’s ZAKU can get in as an upgraded Class 2 version of the suit. (Or a Class 3, assumeing the ZAKU isn’t one of those rare class 2 grunts like the Z’Gok or the MP Quebley)

Anyways I was looking back though the DWG:3 board on gamefaqs and it was announced in september of '10 and came out that same december (I rember because I got it in 2011 during the summer for the US release, it was one of my hold overs for Skyrim) so I could see this being out Rather soon, actually this game will likely be the first thing to pull me away from GTAV, as I’ve been messing DWG:3 as I traded it in awhile ago.

Also I’m hoping for some 0083 additions, even if it’s just the Gerba Tetra, yeah it didn’t do much in retro spect but it’s a unique enough suit to warrant a spot on the Roster IMO.

Also what suits are you guys expecting given the little info we have right now?

My esitmates: (I put classes for grunts and ones that could go either way)
Delta Plus (Likely a Class 2 taking cues from the Hyaku Shiki and the Zeta Gundam both…MAYBE a class one, but I still see it piloting like those two which isn’t a bad thing)
ReZEL (Grunt…MAYBE a Class 2 Grunt)
Gera Zulu (Angelo Type in there as well like Rezin’s Gera Doga? Anyways Class 2 Grunt here as the Gera Doga is a Class 1 this should be a proper upgrade to that)
Rozen Zulu

Less Likely:
X Divider
Gerba Tetra (Class 1 or 2)
Any of the Shuffel Alliance
Jesta (Class 2 Grunt, as the Jegan is a class two it’d make sense that an upgraded Jegan would at least be that, this could be used instead of the ReZEL though so these can be swaped, that said there aren’t many of them and most of the UC EFF Grunts will likely be Jegans…maybe GMIIIs geting the same Moves as the GM/GMII)
GOUF Ignited (Grunt)
GuAIZ (Class 2 Grunt similar to the GINN just quicker, and a longer more fleshed out move set)
M1 Astray
Maursame (They’re gonna need CE Grunts if it has an offcial mode, unless it gets jobed like ZZ which I kind of doubt SEED Destiny got a pretty good treatment in 2, geting four pilots and three suits right off the bat, so I don’t see them slacking here, especially since it helps advertise the remasters, the GuAIZ and GOUF might not happen though as those factions have grunts for those eras allready)
BuCUE (unless they want to skip Waltfield, this kind of needs to be here)
Various other SEED Gundams that I’ve missed.
The other two Wing Guys

Wishlist/Not to likely to happen:
GP03 (only happening if 0083 gets an offical mode)
Ez8 (Class 1)
Gouf Custom (Class 1)
NT-1 (Class 1, Full Armor after your Special like NT-D and the Unicorn)
Zaku II Kai (Class 2)
Kampfer (Class 1 or 2)
Zudah (Grunt or Class 2)

Hmm… should I wait to see if this comes to the US? Or should I use part of my next paycheck and buy the region free Extreme vs? I liked DWG 3, but how much can they change in this next installment besides adding characters? Although it would totally be awesome if I could use Exia or the Brave!

I’d say wait and see, this coming over, I’d say has a 50/50 Chance at this point, it also may not get a disk release and be download only kind of like One Piece Pirate Warriors was. Reason I give it such nice chances is, it’s came over in the past, but with the recent Bandai Stuff, coupled with the fact that there is no 360 Version (which was mainly there for Markets outside of Japan as there aren’t to many 360s in Japan to say the least)

Extreme Vs. isn’t that expensive anymore, but with all of the unlocks on full boost wraping up it’ll either be later this year or early next yeah before Full Boost gets a console port, so unless you’re jonesing now for some Gundam I’d get that now as the Best Version (like our Gratest Hits) is only $40 on Play Asia last I saw, which has the Exia for ya, which I doubt that this will have, unless they do go all out and have every AU have a official mode. Really the most likely addition to the 00 Roster I see is Ali in Arche, and if you count it the 00 DLC from 3. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on the S1 suits or the Movie suits for awhile yet, especially seeing as 00 got a generous addition in 3 if you factor in DLC, it’s good for awhile. (Unlike say G or ZZ which has been lacking since Day one, ZZ can pull it off as allot of the stuff is carried over from Z, but It’d be nice to have more G now)

My question is what will the Armored suit be this time, the Musha suit so to speak, 1 had Mush Gundam, 2 had Musha Mk. 2 (well so did one on the PS2 version) DWG:3 had Knight Gundam, wonder what they’ll take from the SD shows next.

Given how many DWG games have been released internationally to those that not seen an international release (the ratio being 3:1), odds are that we will see Shin Gundam Musou released outside of Japan.

I also read on the GundamGuy article that battleships will be available for assist-combos.

Yeah the only reason I have an inkling of hope for this one coming to western audiences is that it’s Dynasty Warriors, that alone could be enough to bring it.

Though part of me is wondering if it’ll get dubed, One Piece Pirate Warriors didn’t IIRC and that’s why it was only avialable as a download (Sony US has this big thing on dubing being required for a disk sale over here) only in the US, which would force someone like me who dosen’t have ready acess to internet to Import anyways from the UK this time to get a disk/english subs.

Though who knows maybe they’ll dub this one, and it’ll also get a full release here, we’ll see. Reason I give it 50/50 odds is the whole Bandai not bringing Gundam over here anymore apparently fiasco.

Also I wonder if Unicorn’s Story mode will go to the end? I mean when is the last episode slated to come out again? Just wondering, I mean most people in Japan (the Target audience) allready know more or less how it will end from the books, just wondering if they’ll pull a Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 3 and go past where the show is or not, at least a teaser so it dosen’t just abruptly end.

Sony are so full of sh## sometimes. Given that these games are made in Japan, wouldn’t it be natural for it to have Japanese audio?
They do this for 2D games on disk as well.

Since DWG3 and the others had english dubs, this will most likely be getting a dub, so don’t worry about that… a lot.

I’m curious about Unicorn’s story too. It would be kind of incomplete without it, wouldn’t it?
Given the release date, perhaps this game would tie into the final episode?

Well that particular thing is Sony of America’s BS thing, not Sony as a whole. Europe got One Piece Pirate warriors (AKA Dynasty Warriors One Piece) on disk without any engilish Audio IIRC

That said I’m not holding my breath for a dub at all between Bandai pulling gundam out of the western market after Unicorn’s finsihed, the fact that Koei didn’t dub their last Dynasty Warriors Spin off (That being One Piece Pirate Warriors) which has a bigger fan base than Gundam in the west, I just don’t see it.

To be honest I don’t really care, if anything it’ll speed up the Localization process since they don’t have to dub it, just transelate menus. I mean could it get dubed of course but who knows. Hell it might not even get localized at all is the thing, I mean the only thing it has going for it is that it’s a DW Spin off which is what could push it over to other shores, it lost the 360 Version which was made mainly because of the fact that it was shiped abroad as there aren’t to many 360’s in Japan (An understatement actually if you look at that stats there aren’t to many at all).

I’m going to remain Skeptical untill I hear otherwise like allways personally that’s just me.

I’m off for a few weekdays and this arises as if there wasn’t anything else to do.

I’ll have to wait and see, thinking DWG3 was entirely indignant.

DW3 had an option to turn off english dub and use japanese audio instead. I’m sure if this newest installment comes stateside, we’d get the same option.

Who knows it’d in the air given Koei’s track record with the last two DW Spin offs brought over here (Pirate Warriors 1/2) not to mention the whole Bandai NA not being a thing any more.

@Shin yeah, would be nice if Unicorn got it’s whole run in here, I wonder if Banshee Norn would get in as well then or if they’d shove Riddie into the Claw for the hell of it figureing it’d be close enough? I mean it’s a big deal at the same time I guess, it’d be like Skiping one of Maridia’s suits which they have both of them in. They may also finish up to the last two or just the last episode, and then include them later as DLC. (On one hand, that’d suck, on the other, they could shoe horn in allot of Suits be them grunts, class 2’s or class 1’s, as well as a boss unit or two and a stage or two).

Also I’m intrested to see what happens with Full Armor Unicorn, I fear it might just get jobed off to a Special kind of like the V2 Assault Buster stuff, though this is a bit diffrent as Unicorn is geting an offcial mode. It’d be an intresting suit to say the least, be one of those ones that’d likely be Bulky and slow, but deal allot of Damage/firepower, like the ZZ just a bit quicker I’d imagine.

I’m also still holding out for Crossbone, and such, even if it’s just two token charictars like Kincaid in the X-1, and Zabine in the X-2. Though I have a feeling they’d break the mold and go with two good guys, and use Kincaid in the X-1, and Tobia either in the X-3, or the Skullhart, X-1 and 2 are quite similar, X-3 could get away with a few moves with the I-Field, the X-1 Skullhart would be the best as it could be an S Tier Unit (X-1 could be A or B easily maybe S as well) easily not to mention entertaining.

Also for the hell of it if they include crossbone, why not throw in Harrison Martin (if Lacus can get in as a pilot, and other people whom most people don’t give a damn about are in as well why not include another bad ass) and his F91 would be nice, just make it the Titan’s Mk.II of the F91, more or less the same moves, but they’d switch a few of the combo enders and the specials.


Here’s the box art. A bit good guy suit heavy it seems.

EDIT2: I read an article on Siliconera, that also mentioned the playble MAs, it seems legit. That alone is worth it, especially if they bring back the Alpha Aziru, and add the Neuel Ziel.

If MA’s are going to be playable, I suspect that they may add in the Neuel Ziel as ZRC said, and possibly GP03 Dendrobium (along with the Stamen). And while I’m at it, add in the Messala, the Gaplant, the Asshimar, the Elmeth, the Shamblo, and the Alpha Aziru.

Well with official mode coming back I can see all of the CCA omissions made in 3 coming back, the Alpha being one of those I hope it was always one of if not my favorite MA, despite hating it’s pilot. Also I’d say the Shamblo is almost guarantied with UC getting an Official mode. I just hope we can put any pilot in an MA as well I’m sure we could but who knows how it works, I have a feeling that they’ll have their own missions or some other type of mode like a survival, maybe they’re fully playable anytime though but that seems unlikely. (If they are they should revamp the AI, and difficulty to balance it out)

I don’t think the Elmeth is very likely because all it has is Bits, no close range or any other long range weapons IIRC, unlike all the other MA’s listed like the GP03’s MA Form, the Neuil Zeil, and the Alpha all can be used close range to varying extents, and have other beam weaponry as well. I hope we can deploy bits with health as AI units as the Alpha and other MA’s like they tend to do, it would be awesome.

That said with the playable MA’s my most anticipated unit is now the Quin Mantha, I’ve been wanting it since before DWG2, and now it’s here, along with it’s smaller, yet meaner little sister, the Kshatryia. F*** MOTHERING YEAH!

It’s probably OT, however; have you heard that the ps3 adaption of EXVSFB has been scheduled for 2014?

I have not actually, about time we got full boost confrimation on the Ps3, was just a matter of time before it happened.

It’s what I was waiting for and putting of geting ExVS for, mainly because I figured not only would it get the DLC suits, but then some. So like with SFIV I waited for the Arcade Edition. I shall pre-order that as soon as I have the funds as importing new is allways expensive.

I’m considering getting the Full Boost as well. I had kinda put off getting ExVS for that reason and lack funds. Rather glad that I did now.