Shadoll Custom

This has got to be one of my favorite ones. Definitely love the lime green color with black, white, and dark grey colors. Really cool looking. Love the little battle scenes I made…with Tails too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build!
Why not throw some panel lining to the kit?

I think I will start doing it. Might look much cooler. Do I just need one of those gundam pens? Any other pens that I could use as a substitute?

a regular Mechanical Pencil could work. Also any Micron Pens(at Office Depot) just make sure that its tip is about .02 or something around that.

You can also do Enamel Washing.

Ok, I will check that.

I won’t use any enamel paints or anything like that. I recently got injured from paint thinner so I don’t use the stuff. I just stick to acrlyics if I use any paints.

Very clean build. I only see a few little nub marks. I agree though, some lining would really detail this bad boy up.

Question though, why is there a black line on the left shoulder, but not the right?

Nice to see another AGE kit here, and a well-done one at that. Looks like you’re taking advantage of its amazing articulation too. Those black lines on the shoulders are stickers, I think, and the right shoulder might have been forgotten.

Very good job. I only see a couple nub marks. I see the area without the black sticker.

I love it! It looks great!

Thanks guys. Something happened with the sticker on the other side. I don’t really know what happened to it. It must have fell or something. I am going to head to the craft store, or paint it black to cover it again. When you say lining, what do you mean by that? Like, filling in those little lines on the figure with ink? Also, anyway to get rid of nub marks? Sandpaper?

Sand paper of various grits works well, or if you’re skilled with a hobby knife you can get them that way as well.

Yes…tried using a hobby knife but it still leaves that little mark in there. I tried using sandpaper which seems to work okay. It’s harder compared to like a model car where you can sand it and paint over it to cover it completely

If you get 2,000+ grit paper. It’ll pretty much give it a glossy finish as if it had never been sanded at all.

Polishing compounds work too in restoring the shine. Haven’t used it myself, but I’ve seen the results and it’s as if nothing was done to the plastic at all.

As for the lining, it can be anywhere you want, but typically on any recessed areas (like those on the knees and shield, for example) and edges you want to bring out. It gives the kit more depth.