SFA's totally original WIP thread no one else has ever done.


This is my newest project. Only better. It will be the Super GM to combat the Super Zaku. Oh my holy cow.

This was actually on a thread on /m/ of worst mods to gunpla, but good G.O.D. the potential.

Hahahahaha! I saw that on /m/ and I was just like “SFA needs to do this but better”

How did you tint the canopy on your purple Dopp?

I didn’t? That’s the bare plastic on that. All I did was go over the crappy orange sticker lining in purple. Then traced the bottom lip with a light grey.

I think it’s the picture. I’ll take another one for you to show you.

Hollllllly Jesus yamato it has been a while. So the rozen Zulu is actually built now. I’ll have pictures later. Thanks go to Red for getting me the kit. And on Monday I’m painting it with Asterisk. The dark purple is almost a brown and the collar and sleeves are a horrible blue. So yeah. Gonna get some painting.

Also, why on earth do Android pictures upload sideways!?

Not sure on why Android phones do that. But I am looking forward to seeing this kit painted up. Cause that is one awesome looking kit.

Let’s do this.

Thing of Beauty man…Thing of Beauty…

Nice, doing it all by hand (assuming from the brushes). Is that Model Masters Acrylic?

I believe that it would be Dlinker (judging from the white labels). This kit will awesome once it’s done.

=D And I helped him pick everything out. I done good, me.

Oooh, can’t wait to see the paint job. I’ve been curious about using Model Masters acrylic after reading some people having great experiences with it while others are mostly negative. They seem to have a better choice of metallics compared to Tamiya or even Vallejo.

I used some while painting the action base for my 00 Raiser. I had no issues with it at all. In fact, it worked really well with what I was using it for.

Looking forward to this, haven’t seen many of these painted surprisingly.

With a couple of exceptions (I use Citadel metallics, some less common colors) I use nothing but Model Masters. Only issue I’ve had is with white. They have an off-white that works wonderfully, however.

More than enough evidence to convince me to try them out. Off to spruebrothers.com to buy the metallics that Tamiya doesn’t have. I’ve been thinking of trying Citadel also. Heard good things about their metallics.

Really looking forward to this, I have been on the fence about getting this kit. Can’t wait to see it being built and painted.

One would hope. I’m not repainting everything. Just color correction. Currently working on the shield. Should have a picture soon.

Here is the shield. I decided to paint the piping on the handle the same As the arm and actual pipes color. Also kind of like how the new purple is glittery. Dries A hell of a lot darker than it goes on.

I have a sample of the old purple, old blue, and grey that is supposed to be white.

I have no clue what banda I was thinking releasing such an amazing kit with such off colors.

I saw a video where the color alteration was explained. I think if you look at the official line art for the MS. That’s where you’ll find the model’s molded colors.