SFA's totally original WIP thread no one else has ever done.

First on the list is my custom flag. I’m working on it now, so this should be good.

Here’s the concept art and priming.

Cant wait to see the final product

This is gonna be awesome. When I finally paint a model I need ask you pros for color schemes!

Oh snap you’re actually going through with this? Sweet. I’ll have to come look at the progress over winter break.


Priming went done wonderfully.

However, the yellow paint was horrible. I kept some of the unpainted pieces for whatever reason. It was a cheap kit so I’m going to do it again.

And I was really trying not to hand paint yellow either. T__T

Dont worry man. second third or any more times the charm lol

Finally Finished MG Sword Impulse. Which is now my favorite MG. Still haven’t detailed it or added any Decals or anything. I will post THAT when I get done with it.

Also, my Garma Zabi’s Dopp is amazing. Truly a fun EX Model kit. Also, screw you Squeam my dopps are still flawless.

I do however have plans to paint the Dopp in Michelob Rauer’s Purple Color Scheme and I still have a Gaza-C to build.

The way the Sword Impulse is wielding that Anti-Ship Laser Sword reminds me of my D&D character and how he wields his Great Sword.

Awwwww yeah D&D. Although I had a Frost Dwarf who used nothing but Axes too big for himself. I’m sad that my group never played enough to make a full campaign or anything.

I’m upset that he doesn’t hold the anti-ship sword that well with his apposable manipulators. I have to use the fixed holding manip.s for a solid grip more than half the time.

EDIT: I finished my Gaza-C (WHICH IS AMAZING BTW) and I’m painting my dopp as we speak.

Ha, that’s funny! I’m currently playing in my brothers campaign and I am also a Dwarf. Although I’m a Knight. But that Sword Impulse looks so awesome.

Awesome Sword Impulse poses, what a wonderful kit! The Gaza-C is something I’m trying to get Luna crackin’ on getting done. Yeah, go ahead, paint up the “Derp”, still not cool.

Just built the Gaza-C. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. It is one of the best HGs I have built. Very new build style, solid build, didn’t cheap out on crap. And it comes with an unnecessary amount of Decals for Zeon, plus it’s own.

And my Dopp is amazing. I will summon my Dopp Armada upon you.

Yet another project.

Just a GM palette swap.

New picture.

Also, I love you Asterisk.

So yet another update. I actually just finished the other leg cowl and both are painted.

My new GM is all done say for some minor panel lining or so and some decals if I really feel like he needs them. I’ll edit this post later when I take a new picture.

Also! My MR Custom Dopp! I liked keeping the orange interior because it was roughly the same orange as the main vernier on the Zudah.

One day I hope to get my whole Knight team done up and pose the four painted bits together.

Next time we hang out, I’ll learn you some seam filling. Those ankle armor bits benefit from it immensely.

Nice-looking GM!

>Not saying anything about the dopp :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work SFA! I really like that blue over the red. (And you should totally give it decals/stickers.)

What Dopp? My eyes saw nothing but a GM…

That’s a very sharp looking GM(and dopp)!
I hope I can get to your level of painting skills.
Very nice tint of light blue

Thank you thank you thank you.

Yeah the seams don’t look so bad now after the paint, but after I finished it I told myself the next kit I paint I was going to work on getting rid of seam lines. Try and take my painting to another level.

Oh and…