SFA's Hangar revival

Well, after a long search through the archives I could not find my original collection thread. I did find my WIP thread, but I think from now on I’m just going to keep all of my completed work and collection here. Since it’s been a long time since I’ve returned to the forum, I think it’s due what I’ve built in my absence :grin:

I only have what is still on my phone now, so small start to the thread. I do have a lot of free time this weekend however for a photoshoot.

I’ll start with my favorite 1/100 lately the RE/100 EXAM Efreet. Mind you, my favorite company is Zimmad so I will probably post a lot of their suits first.


And with a old nod to my favorite MS ever and my favorite custom paint I’ve done on my kits, the Zudah-MRIMG_20180927_144327

In a more ambitious custom I’ve been working on “lately” that I have honestly SORELY neglected is my Gunpla Builders custom the Bazooka Zudah “Bazudah”. I have a few small ideas for updating verniers and armor arrangements, and going for a Neo Zeon Sleeves aesthetic I intend to paint it a kind of drab green with orange/white/yellow accent markings.


Very nice work. I look forward to the finished work on that custom zudah build.

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Thanks man me too. It’s honestly sat for a few years with super super minor changes. I have a lot of other hobbies so sometimes Gunpla as a whole takes a back seat. I’ve kind of got my RC drift car brake mods on priority with all the tools and stuff I have out, but this one is gonna be next.