Selling a few kits

I have some kits I don’t wanna work on anymore, or get rid of, and start over on. I figured someone here might be looking for parts so here’s each kit I’m selling, and the condition that they’re in:

RG Force Impulse Gundam: was assembled then disassembled, still have all the stickers and decals, just made a few scribing mistakes.

RG Crossbone Gundam: Kit is mostly Assembled but most head pieces were damaged during cleaning up/sanding in process of assembly. $15.00

HGBD Rise Two Ten: Disassembled was adding a matte clear coat to Kit, but went on too thick in places, soaked in rubbing alcohol, just never got around to sand papereeing, and repainting. Foil Stickers got wet and came off while soaking in rubbing alcohol though. $10

HGUC Moon Gundam: Kit is almost assembled, a lot of people said that this kit was the best high grade ever made. I was very underwhelmed while building it. The mech itself is all assembled, the moon/psycho plate was never completed though. Kit is all in box. $20.00

MG Barbatos It’s actually a combination of two kits because I thought I had broke my first one, so I bought another one, to build. But the whole kit is there. One part is painted The Army Painter Gun metal though because I was experimenting with how that color would look on the frame.-$25.00

I will also take $80.00 shipped for all kits together.

If anyone is interested in one or all of these I do PayPal, and can send/text you pictures of each kit.

I would be interested in the MG barbatos kit.

Hi i’m interested in the MG Barbatos and Moon

Not sure how active is @AceHart49 right now. However, bought those from him already, so sorry, they were all gone.

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Hey, I’m actually selling two more kits. I have a pg Exia it Nib, and MG Justice Gundam, also NIB they’re both yours for $325.00 shipped I. still have the same PayPal

Is the Exia normal one or the Lighting one? Do want a MG Justice though…

I sold them both.

I have more kits for sale though if interested, and some tools too. I have an HG Seninju Stein, RG Hi Nu Gundam with Funnel Display, RG Sazabi, an MG Strike Gundam, and an MG Province Gundam. I’m also selling some tools, Tamiya Panel Liner in Brown, Black and Grey, Madworks Scribing Kit let me know if interested.