Second attempt at scribing and using pla plates. Help, ideas and critiques are welcome I’m trying to get better

Hey folks, I’m pretty new here I’ve only posted once, I just got into gun pla in 2021 and really just started to take customization seriously. I don’t know if anyone is willing to help a newbie but I thought I just post some of my kits in progress looking for tips ideas and critiques to help me get better. All info and help would be greatly appreciated and welcome I really just want to know how to get better at pla plating and scribing, And kit bashing which im playing with with one of my kits, I also want to know what any of you think of my progress so far based on the pictures I’m providing thanks in advance. The first kit is my MG Jeagan that I first started scribing and using pla plates with for the first time the second is a MG Jesta kit that I completed and I’m now starting on customizing.

Uploading: A3A66BF0-9D46-4D82-A5A9-4DB43862B4E9.jpeg… Uploading: 9CB09E2B-5649-4F0E-8F98-A1E7900FF801.jpeg… Uploading: ABE656AD-77D2-4A8F-B07C-2B30F175AFD7.jpeg… Uploading: AA4F3543-CB7B-4862-9E53-543565D083C7.jpeg… Uploading: E92A6A3E-C567-4961-8704-AC356E75B098.jpeg…

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I don’t know why my other pics didn’t upload but here they are.

Uploading: 025D5075-9A7E-4635-9AB8-CD6335C873B5.jpeg… Uploading: 28F91E31-3F12-4AA8-81DA-1F587D3E83B9.jpeg… Uploading: 620E066B-4B0E-41CC-B61B-0C651BBDD2C2.jpeg… Uploading: E52E79E0-247D-4875-82F6-C8F8C7F2F2B8.jpeg… Uploading: 8C8D3D27-7852-491B-B467-6879E6DF1DB2.jpeg…

Uploading: 6D0670EF-7CC5-40C4-924A-159FBB303A2E.jpeg… Uploading: F5781757-1DF0-41B0-9DE4-82672D93FAFF.jpeg… Uploading: A3588163-9896-4B96-A523-C44A3A93F39B.jpeg… Uploading: 76C849AD-5C4B-4DE3-9C61-577F0762B8BE.jpeg… Uploading: E7661B7F-5994-41A1-B866-7222430664A8.jpeg…

Your work doesn’t look bad, it just looks like you need to keep practicing your control. Some of the lines look a little off and others are over scribed (didn’t stop) when you change direction. I’m curious on what your process is.

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Thanks for your input it’s appreciated as I really am trying to get better and learn. As far as my process, I usually put the whole kit together to get a idea of how everything looks right in front of me and then I start thinking of what color scheme I’m going to use and possible designs. And then from there I go section by section starting out with sanding and trying to clean up whatever nubmarks or stress marks I have left over then I start scribing whatever design I think of, and if it’s a kit that I’m comfortable with adding parts from other kits to, or adding pla plates I draw the design and then cut it out and cement it to the part. I wait for it to dry or cure then I sand it try to clean up as much as I can and then I move on to priming the piece before airbrushing the colors. If you have any more info or help so that I can get better at describing and adding other details I’m all ears.

Well I was actually asking about how you are scribing your lines.

Oh my bad… lmaoo, I use standard scribing tape that I buy at hobby works and my other local hobby shop and this scriber that I have below. I make the design with a pencil then apply the tape and start scribing lightly to kinda get a guide line and then scribe I gradually add pressure after about 10 passes.

I use BMC chisels which are very similar to the those shown above. From the looks of it, you’ve got the technique down very well. From the sounds of how you go about it, there isn’t any difference from how I scribed extra lines into my PG Mk.II.

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Thanks bro. Any tips you know to get better?

Sorry for the late reply.

I use BMC Chisels like TH.i looks and sounds like you know what your doing the only thing I would suggest is get som plastic styrene and practice your control. The only other thing I’d suggest is to take a hobby knife or needle and make a small start/stop hole. This will can help with control and to scribe towards the edge of the part.

Sorry for the bad drawing. The black dots are the start/stop spots, the colored in area would be tape and the arrows show the direction I would scribe the lines.

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I hadn’t thought about it RX makes a good point. A few times on my PG Mk.II I used my hobby dremel and a micro bit to a small indention in the plastic at the corners for stopping points or where I wanted the line to turn.

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Man thanks for the tips,I’ve been having trouble with the start stop points you mentioned and I’ve never thought about making those indentations to help,I’ll definitely implement that as I continue on the piece I’m currently working on. Thanks again bud.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to start doing that. I’m just learning and hearing about this now from you two lol,thanks for your input and advice.

Is Styrene the same as pla plates.if so I already have a pack of pla plates of assorted thickness, that’s what used I’m the shoulder piece of the Jesta customizing :point_down:

Yep they are the same thing. Pla-plate is made of plastic styrene. It’s just a different manufacturer. Plastruct is another manufacturer and you can by 1/144&1/100 ladders, stares and rails from them.

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