SDGF: One Track Heart

This fanfic is since discontinued, as it’s not exactly my best work, but I thought someone might find it interesting enough. This was an attempt at rewriting SD Gundam Force I had about two years ago, focusing on a character of my own creation rather than a kid like Shute, but looking back on it I could have done way better with it.

Quickly though, here’s some background on our protagonist.

Name: Haruko Zhang
Appearance: Female, 22-23, brown hair/eyes, wears mostly white
A mechanic and AI programmer brought into the S.D.G. two years prior to the beginning of the story after being the one to discover Zero the Winged Knight just after he arrived in Neotopia. Also a part-time instructor at her father’s martial arts dojo. Kind of reckless, and if the cause is good enough, has a tendency to go against orders for the greater good.
Her entire character was made from a song.

This was written with each chapter equating to the episode matching its number, so sadly I only got through the first three episodes of this rewrite before life got in the way. They’re a bit on the lengthy side, so I’ll link google docs of each chapter for convenience’s sake.

CH1: To Start A War
CH2: Activation
CH3: The Knight and The Peasant

Let me know what you guys think! Typically I don’t post a lot of my SDGF content online anymore due to personal reasons, but if you guys like my writing then I may make an exception here.