SDCS Banshee Norn kitbash

So my next project is a SDCS Banshee Norn. In order to build this I will be using the SDCS Unicorn Phenex the SDEX Banshee Norn and a SDCS interframe. I’m already at the point where I am loosely refitting the parts after painting. Below are all the images I’ve taken so far

I got a good bit further tonight. I have a few issues with how the heads turning out but I think for the most part it’ll be okay.

So after an extensive refit, detail painting and touch up the first topcoat (satin) is on. Next up is the gloss coat for the psychoframe and gold bits then paneling.

Shine coat is on next up is touch-ups and paneling but that’s for a different night, I am out of time today.


Finished: this took a bit longer than I would like but it turned out really well. Now onto the next project