SD liquidation plus some hg's & 1 mg

Taking advice of others, i’m getting rid of stuff i will never work on again. All of these sd’s have been assembled, some with some glue for seam removal, etc, some not. They’ve been sitting in a crawlspace under my staircase so the boxes are musty. Taking any offers as they will be tossed otherwise. Some of the bigger ones, don’t lowball. The X2 i won’t let go for less than 5. The nues ziel also has the 1/550 one in there too, athough parts are broken. Easy fixes though. SD Sinanju has been painted but as well but the paintjob messed up so it could be stripped if need be.

Shipping will be determined upon what is sold. Continental US only, i’m not dealing with overseas shipping. Shipping would be cheaper without the boxes as well, especially the HG’s and MG.

What’s inside:

These HG’s are all assembled. The Jesta and Zulu have had stickers put on and topcoat. Each would be 10 + shipping.
The Zaku Amazing is just snapped and some sanding. Most of the weapons are still on the runners. 15 + shipping.

MG Zeta C1. Snapped

Okay, 3 sd’s bottom left, 00 raiser and sinanju have been claimed.

SD Blue Destiny Unit 1 and 3 claimed.

Blast! I’ve been wanting a SD Sinanju.

Squee, I asked about that Zeta Plus a loooooooong time ago, but you never replied back D:

Could it be b/c the forum went awol?

Maybe? Time stamp I have on the original message was 11/14/13. That would’ve been after the forum hacking for certain, but I dunno if it was before the first database error.